Friday, December 04, 2009


Tied up
entangled arms reaching out
short knots
that cannot breathe
that cannot be free.

Looping in
the universe
the lives
fading out
& yet the light.

Narrowing down
lanes & by-lanes
sway in your head
till they are blurred
but there is no way out.

sets in
sets out
in intervals
you choke in rhythms
disturbing music of air plays in your life...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Towering Chicago

It is one hell of an experience to visit Chicago, it is a city full of ardor & vivacity. Be it then the towering buildings that intimidate you, the Michigan avenue, the clubs, or be it in the form of one of world's tallest buildings. Chicago is for high-spirited people who live tall lives :)

Though I spent just two days there, it was an experience of a lifetime. I stayed up at this friends house. Gina & her mom I can undoubtedly say are the two most kind Americans I personally know. Both of them are outrightly gorgeous & friendly. Their house just like them is this beautiful huge condo, which I could not stop admiring even for a second. I went around Chicago in the double deck trains with Gina, & experienced the Michigan-Ohio football match in one of the sizzling pubs. If anyone misses the point, Michigan-Ohio matches are like the India-Pak cricket matches, the two states hate each others guts. The pub was full of energy & I loved humming the "Go Go Blue" anthem along-with the Michigan fans. It was all in all an exciting experience to see a huge hall full in blue n yellow Michigan jerseys. Sadly, Michigan lost.

We went to Millenium Park, tried for the first time in my life Ice Skating. Gina agreed to take cool videos of me making a mess of myself in the skating ring. But to my surprise & Gina's, I did not fall off even once :) Pats self on the back. The Millenium Park is a nice park for people to come have picnics/lunches outside of the tall buildings they work/live in.

The Sear's now Willis tower was an experience in its own. I really have no words to describe how you feel on top of 110 stories, you need to be there to experience it. The view from the top was mesmerizing & worth the snake like lines that we stood for to get the entrance tickets.

Overall Chicago was worth the hassle that I got into with the airlines people later on. Of all, my most fondest memories would be of Gina & her mother's hospitality. I really wish they come down to India sometime for me to show them the same :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 1 Closure - Highlight The Detroit Red Wings Game

The week really was busy. My calender looked perhaps more full than Larry or Sergei's for this week. Had some very useful sessions & met some very great people, who are willing to help you for anything. Learnt a lot, discussed a lot, roamed around a bit as the nights are really getting chilly here & we don't leave the office before night.

I had the chance to walk across the Diag - the hub area of the university of Michigan which is four blocks away from my office building. A colleague Michael gave me a quick walk across it. There is biggish M on the ground & they believe that if a student walks on it before they graduate they surely fail. Nice! I would again supplement with pics later.

Came Thursday & the team was all geared about the Detroit Red Wings V/S Vancouver Ice hockey game. I love the whole atmosphere, the verve, it was out of the world to see so many people going crazy about their home team. I also saw the Stanley Cup, sadly my batter died & I couldn't take any of its pictures. The game was really exciting the Red Wings won, & yes I did get to see the between match crazy fights :). My team was considerate enough to put in a welcome message for me on the Score board in between the game. I was so thrilled to see it, thanks a ton guys. It was a fun thing, just like in the movies. I loved it.

I loved the entire experience. It's Friday late evening & I went for a lone walk to the university campus to get a feel of the evening feel of the city. I must say, I love the city in the mornings, in the afternoon, & the evenings. It's picturesque, pretty, & cozy. Love it absolutely. Will give other updates later.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Flight, Frankfurters, Jet Lag, & First Day In America

After an 25 hour excruciating flight from Hyd-Frankfurt-Detroit, we finally reached Ann Arbor. The flight from Hyd was not so much of a pain as the FRK-DET flight. The latter was long, boring, & during the day. To avoid bad jet lag I even avoided alcohol & sleep during the flight. Kept myself to loads of water & all the movies that Lufthansa carefully (pun intended) chose for its passengers. I watched almost all of them, even a Hindi movie, never heard of before with actors not known, called Jasna. The frankfurt airport was boring, as it did not have a lot to do, I sure ate Frankfurters there. Though they were a bit of a disappointment too. Everything was so costly that we stuck to eating & drinking only. I am planning to buy some souvenirs on my way back, as Germany unlike some countries does have a lot of history for cool souvenirs.

Reaching Ann Arbor was a relief. The hotel was good, the weather better. My first day passed by pretty easy & quickly in A2. After shifting from the hotel to the apartment (which is really cute), I went to our Google office. After a whole lot of meeting & greeting & gift sharing, I was finally at my desk. After that the day went past with me sleep-walking in it. I just realized how bad the Jet lag had gotten me. Inspite of all the work & lag, I did not fail to notice how awesomely beautiful the city is. The leaves are all colors & have started falling as winter sets in. Infact, it is not so cold as it is expected to be around this time of the year. They are having something what they call the Indian Summer, where the temperature drops after a couple of warm days. I am sure they would stop calling it that once they actually experience the India summer. Afterthought, it might be the native america 'indian' they might be referring to.

In the night, our team went out for a typically American pastime, which involves Chicken Wings loads of them, A tall glass of beer, & a game of trivia. It's a game where most obscure questions are asked about American history, current issues, sports, etc. I would have loved the evening better had I been a little less jet-lagged & tired. I was so down to the dumps that I even forgot to take pictures of the nice bar that we went to or even the name of the place.

People at work are awesome & really helpful. They were psyched about the gifts we got them. Pata paintings from Orissa. The office is really bright & cozy. The town even more cozier. I hope to explore more of it soon.

P.S - Would follow up with pics on later posts.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Once In Love Always in Love

I wanted to make a post about how I am done with all my preparations for my Michigan trip where the temperature is sub-zeros around this time of the year. I wanted to write about how Ma painfully got all my woolens out & got them washed with EZ, as being in Hyd one never gets to wear them so they had been lazily sitting under my box-bed. How she helped me pick up the best thermals, woolen socks, & everything else that was required. How she finished packing all the stuff that I am going to take & also the ones which I am not into two different suitcases. I would be gone for 6 weeks & she does not want dust to settle on the ones I am leaving behind. Mothers indeed are elaborately loving :) With two more days before I leave, I am getting a little nervous about travelling to the US with no assistance whatsoever, but I am sure its going to be a good & fun adventure. Amen! to that & moving to what I titled this post about, though again I think I have lost interest on that as well :O

But instead, I wandered off to another blog & read some stuff on being in love & loosing the one you loved. I sure have been at both the ends so I know how it is, or at least so I think. I have lost a lot of people I loved to death, but never lost anyone I was romantically attached to another person or never had a break-up which was never initiated by me. So, I perhaps do not understand it in that respect. Somehow, when we talk about love the only angle that people assume it to be is the romantic. So, let me play to the gallery & talk about the Love that is popular. Love as many of us say is often used in a very random manner...

Ok this got discontinued there, had a meeting for an hour, went to Shilparamam, & then lunch. So, knowing my mood swings, I am out of the mood & will end this abruptly here :(

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mera Shahar

नींद से कहीं दूर
मिलती थी वोह
अकेले, चुप-चाप.

इस बार का बादल पिला नहीं
लाल होगा
कहा था
रात के अँधेरे में.

मेरा शहर झलकता हर बार
उसकी अधखुली आँखों से
नींद में चौंधियाये
और भी अच्छे लगते
हलके भूरे.

सुनहली धूप चमचमाती
नदी की चादर
अक्सर ओढ़ती,
बुदबुदाती मंत्र.
और फिर गुम हो जाती
अनंत के सफ़र में.

मेरा शहर लौटता
दबे पाव, पिछले आंगन में.

शहर से बहुत दूर
होती शहर की बातचीत
उसमें बीतता बचपन और बुढापा
कभी माँ दीखती टहलती पहचाने रास्तों में
कभी सीमा अब अपने बच्चों को स्कूल भेजती.

इतने दूर से आवाज़
नहीं पहुचती थी
घर के काई लगे आँगन में.
माँ कैसे बुनेगी गीत सोहर के?
कैसे कहेगी किस्से?
गाएगी वोह सरे गीत जो भेजती हूँ
मैं इस सुदूर शहर से...
The first key to writing is to write & not to think. Sometimes the simple rythm of typing gets us from page 1 to page 2, & when you begin to feel your own words, start typing them. That's how your novel begins...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something Interesting

'Fat clubs' thriving in America

American nightclubs catering specifically for fat people are proving a hit with plus-sized partygoers looking for acceptance.

Club Bounce in Long Beach, California.  The club is specifically aimed at attracting overweight individuals: 'Fat clubs' open in America
Club Bounce in Long Beach, California. The club is specifically aimed at attracting overweight individuals Photo: AP
Venues like Club Bounce and The Butterfly Lounge in California are aimed at people who may be made to feel unwelcome at certain fashionable nightspots because of their size.
Such clubs are a relatively new development, with a handful scattered across California, mainly in coastal cities such as San Diego and San Francisco.

She said: "I don't think fat is a bad word any more. I think a lot of people embrace it now.Lisa Marie Garbo, who opened Club Bounce five years ago, said she did it for herself and others who were tired of being "the only fat girl at the local nightclub".
"I'm not a gain-weight advocate or anything like that. My message to people is live your life no matter what size you are."
Club Bounce, with a capacity of 400, attracts relatively equal numbers of men and women. However, while about three-quarters of the women tend to be heavy, only a quarter of the men are.
The existence of such venues has raised healthquestions in a country where, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of adults are already obese.
But Lynn McAfe, of the Council On Size and Weight Discrimination, said: "It's nice to have a place to go where you can do a little flirting and maybe bring your thin sister or somebody from work who isn't fat, and they'll be in your world for a while."
"That's an amazing experience for a lot of people who aren't fat, to spend a day or night in a world of fat people."
Vanessa Gray, a Club Bounce customer, added: "When you're not what they consider ideal and you're out there trying to get your dance on at those other places, you get the looks, the stares. But not here. Everything's accepted here."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 I took the free personality test!""Has a strong desire to contribute and influence o..."
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Unbelievable If This Is True

Unable to attract even a single girl, frustrated man sues Axe

New Delhi. In what could prove to be a major marketing and legal embarrassment for Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), a 26-year-old man has filed a case against the FMCG company, which owns the Axe brand of men grooming products, for ‘cheating’ and causing him ‘mental suffering’. The plaintiff has cited his failure to attract any girl at all even though he’s been using Axe products for over seven years now. Axe advertisements suggest that the products help men in instantly attracting women.

Vaibhav Bedi, the petitioner, also surrendered all his used, unused and half-used deodorant sprays, perfume sticks and roll-ons, anti-perspirants, aftershaves, body washes, shampoos, and hair gels to the court, and demanded a laboratory test of the products and narcotics test of the brand managers of Axe. Vaibhav was pushed to take this step when his bai (maid) beat him with a broom when he tried to impress her by appearing naked in front of her after applying all the Axe products. cid:image010.gif@01CA2192.E9691400

No girl ever asked Vaibhav to call her

No girl ever asked Vaibhav to call her

“Where the Hell is Axe effect? I’ve been waiting for it for over seven years. Right from my college to now in my office, no girl ever agreed to even go out for a tea or coffee with me, even though I’m sure they could smell my perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves. I always applied them in abundance to make sure the girls get turned on as they show in the television. Finally I thought I’d try to impress my lonely bai who had an ugly fight with her husband and was living alone for over a year. Axe effect my foot!” Vaibhav expressed his unhappiness.

Vaibhav claims that he had been using all the Axe products as per the company’s instructions even since he first bought them. He argued that if he couldn’t experience the Axe effect despite using the products as directed, either the company was making false claims or selling fake products.

“I had always stored them in cool and dry place, and kept them away from direct light or heat. I’d always use a ruler before applying the spray and make sure that the distance between the nozzle and my armpit was at least 15 centimeters. I’d do everything they told. I even beat up my 5-year-old nephew for coming near my closet, as they had instructed it to keep away from children’s reach. And yet, all I get is a broom beating from my ugly bai.” Vaibhav expressed his frustration.

Vaibhav claims that he had to do go a lot of mental suffering and public humiliation due to the lack of Axe effect and wants HUL to compensate him for this agony. An advocate in Karkardooma court, who happened to mistake Vaibhav for some deodorant vendor when he entered the court premises with all the bottles, has now offered to take up his case in the court. HUL has been served a legal notice in this regard.

HUL has officially declined to comment on the case citing the subject to be sub judice, but our sources inform that the company was worried over the possible outcomes of the case. The company might argue that Vaibhav was hopelessly unattractive and unintelligent and didn’t possess the bare minimum requirements for the Axe effect to take place. Officially HUL has not issued any statement, but legal experts believe that HUL could have tough time convincing the court.

“HUL might be tempted to take that line of argument, but it is very risky. There is no data to substantiate the supposition that unattractive and unintelligent men don’t attract women. In fact some of the best looking women have been known to marry and date absolutely ghoulish guys. I’d suggest that the company settles this issue out of court.” noted lawyer Ram Jhoothmalani said.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Like Somerset Maugham

As always, I caught up late with Maugham. Had read a very few short stories earlier when KT & Roshni's enthusiasm for Maugham had made me curious & they insisted on me reading them. But had dropped the thick book out of tediousness on my part rather than the stories being uniteresting. That was almost 2 years back. Since then had been planning on buying his books.

I think last month on a sudden book shopping spree with the Meister went to Walden and bought a couple of Maughm. Have finished reading Cakes & Ales (the book by which Maughm wanted to be remembered) & The Moon & Sixpence. Loved Cakes & Ales but I am mesmerized by The Moon & Sixpence. Its one of the best books I have read. The narrative is explicitly simple that you fall in love with it. The book is very Maughm with his matter of fact narration & his sardonic sentences. His wit is unabashed & his style un-compared. The Moon & Sixpence is a fragmentary documentation inspired by the life of Paul Gauguin (leading post impressionist painter) who was believed to have left his wife & children on a mere whim that he wanted to paint, at a time when he knew hardly how to hold a paint brush. The way Maughm describes the protagonist Charles Strickland, drawing from Paul Gauguin's personality, is exquisite & grand. He lingers on the most annoying of Gauguin's characteristics but without any hint of moral or social judgement (atleast I could not find any) and yet makes the readers like him. He intervenes as the author when he has something more than Strickland to talk about, his notes, his observations, or even to mention why he chose a particular way of telling the facts he had about Ganguin. His narrative has a very objective POV, but at the same time we know he is empathizing and understanding Gauguin's peculiar ways.

I have read a couple more documented biographies, even Marquez's 'Clandestine in Chile' written on similar lines, but Maugham style in The Moon & Sixpence is un-believable. I am completely in love with the book & would recommend it to anyone without blinking once. Some excerpts from the book below which might not show all that I wrote above but these are lines which struck home...

"There is no cruelty greater than a woman's to a man who loves her & whom she does not love; she has no kindness then, no tolerance even, she has only an insane irritation."

There were a lot more that I wanted to give here from the book, but being in office without the book makes it a little difficult. Would do it later when I re-read the book at leisure & mark some lines to share.

My manager beckons us for a team-meeting now...will continue later.

P.S.- The flow if broken can't come back after some exciting news at work-front. Back from the meeting - It was just announced that I would be travelling to the US next month for 5-6 weeks :) what fun!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


The best thing about a past relationship that dazzles or rather entertains you in the present is that you always reminiscence the best things about it, the classic romance & its high feel, the never-ending walks you had, etc., and the rest is a blank. This perhaps puts the present relationship in not so much a good light, as you are still coping with the traumas an existing relationship brings with it. Sadly, we all need to grind our teeth and put up a smile and bear it and if you want wait for a time when the tables turn. This for sure is the best way to handle a situation of the past.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bhakti...Love...& My Grandma

I was talking to serendipiduous about me and he mentioned two things which struck out -

1. I have a very masculine view of life
2. I am blindly/unconditionally in love with KT, which he finds inspirational.

About the first point, perhaps I will talk in a separate blog.

About the fact about blind love for KT, again I will talk about in a new post. Infact, I would ask KT to make a post about it too, or better we could do a post together. Because, amongst my very close friends in Hyd, I have known a lot of people who adore the fact that we have stuck with each other so long and love seeing us that way...and a few others who pretend they like it but abhor it at heart.

About the second again, somehow while talking to serendipiduous, I was reminded of mymama (a word for grandmother in oriya/chattisgarhi) when he said he might never know what love is.

She is somewhere between 80-90 years old and still insists on following all the rituals that her body allows her. Being the one, who used to accompany her to temples and the one who read out the Bhagvad Gita, The Krishna Puran, The Mahabharat, The Ramayana, while she could not read it herself, I generally have had a lot of time to talk to her about religion, rituals, and all the fasts she keeps, etc. Obviously enough, seeing her old and struggle through all her rituals and fasts, I have advised her innumerable times to skip them and take care of her health instead. That there is no need for such rituals and sometimes even tried to push my half-modern, half-formed views of atheism or better say lack of religious rituals or religion that I try to follow. She always resisted my attempts saying, it is important for her to do all those things, that Bhakti is the state that she wanted to attain, that is the only thing keeping her going at her age. It was hard for me to understand what she really meant by Bhakti. For my ignorant mind Bhakti most often than not translates to being religious and for me my grandma was infact very religious. Epitome perhaps.

Last time when I visited home, she wasn't keeping that well, so I spent a lot of my late morning hours with her helping her with her pooja and other stuff. Once, while I was reading out the Geeta to her, she asked me if I really understood what she meant by Bhakti. It was no use showing my malformed intelligence to her, she would have seen through it in a jiffy. So, I just nodded my head for a no, perplexed at having her read my mind. She very nicely explained, Bhakti was devotion, complete submission of the self, unconditional love....and many more synonyms followed. She said, when me and all my cousins were kids, she saw un-comparable bhakti in each of us, bhakti for our parents & grandparents, bhakti for our teachers, bhakti for our older siblings/cousins. And curious enough, I asked, doesn't she see it in us now? She didn't answer that directly, but instead said bhakti can be attained only by simplicity and you need a simple heart, mind, and soul for it. Fair enough, I thought.

While writing all this, I was visualizing mama in her bade bhittar (chattisgarhi for big inner room) with the new fan, I replaced this time I was home, making slow circles over her head, she staring at it, perhaps thinking about all her clan, about her childhood, waiting for one of us, one of her grandchildrens to return home, packing some of the goodies she always has hidden for us. Its funny, but she remembers how each one of us is fond of a particular delicacy only she makes and would bring it out from her wooden almirah, when we go to meet her even today. For me it was always, the sweet n sour aam papda she makes during summers :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A plea,
a soft murmer
and a silence.
Your fingers tap
the rythm,
of my death
on a rosary
I panic
I cry
yet finally
I die-
I meet you in snow
and smile
a dying
yet so living a smile.

Smiles disappear
at times when I die
and reappear again with
a timeless birth.

Haunted pasts
not like memories
but something more
alive and vivid.

Life told stories
and sang songs
when alive
now when dead
will it retell the same stories
of a yellow verandah
and chillies strewn
over the concrete tiled floor

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Song That Haunted me For Most Of This Weekend

aaj kal mein dhal gayaa, din huaa tamaam
tu bhi so jaa, so gayi, rang bhari shaam
aaj kal mein dhal gayaa, din huaa tamaam
tu bhi so jaa, so gayi, rang bhari shaam
aaj kal mein dhal gayaa

so gayaa chaman chaman, so gayi kali-kali
so gaye hain sab nagar, so gayi gali-gali
so gayaa chaman chaman, so gayi kali-kali
so gaye hain sab nagar, so gayi gali-gali
neend kah rahi hai chal, merii baanhe thaam,
tu bhi so jaa, so gayi, rang bhari shaam
aaj kal mein dhal gayaa

hai bujhaa-bujhaa sa dil, bojh saans-saans par
jee rahe hain phir bhi ham, sirf kal ki aas par
hai bujhaa-bujhaa sa dil, bojh saans-saans par
jee rahe hain phir bhi ham, sirf kal ki aas par
kah rahi hai chaandni, leke teraa naam,
tu bhi so jaa, so gayi, rang bhari shaam
aaj kal mein dhal gayaa

kaun aayegaa idhar, kiski raah dekhen ham
jinki aahten suni, jaane kiske the kadam
kaun aayegaa idhar, kiski raah dekhen ham
jinki aahten suni, jaane kiske the kadam

apnaa koi bhi nahin, apne hain to Raam,
tu bhi so jaa, so gayi, rang bhari shaam
aaj kal mein dhal gayaa
aaj kal mein dhal gayaa, din huaa tamaam

An amazing song from the movie Beti Bete, sung by Rafi & Lata. A must listen to all those who like Lata & Rafi and music in general. I sang/hummed this song on fiday night & saturday morning only to forget it for another 8-10 hours and remembered it on late saturday night. Posting it in here for future times when I have a blackout again and don't spend excruciating hours trying to remember it. Just heard the song five times and hoping many more rounds of it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

While I have nothing To Write About.

While I have nothing to write about and I have been away from blogging for a while, I thought it best to make my presence felt by sharing few of my Fav Eddie Izzard's videos:

Do You Have A Flag? Cake Or Death?

I have been an Izzard fan for a while now, got to hear about him from a friend and since then have been hooked on and off. Its a must watch for all of you who like stand up comedian artists. Have fun Watching them.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

About the Stupidest Post

After having taken my time to sort things in my own little head, I realize the post where I went on and on about ranting "how hurt and crushed I was...blah blah blah..." was the stupidest thing, I could have done. My bad, I really take back everything I said. It was an emotional moment and I slipped. I only pity that I did that. Its no excuse yet, I feel better having said that.

I am done and over with the drama about the whole thing. I hope, I can move on now. First thing towards moving on is I am going on this wonderful trip with my best friend ever to Goa...really really excited and looking forward to it. I realize, I should just stick to my 'triumphant trio' for friends and things work out just fine for me. No mis-understanding, no kich kich...nothing stupid. Anyways, I am too much of an "insensitive person" for a lot of people around me and have heard it from all of them. Many rather most of you might call my recoiling back to my childhood friends as a defense thingy, but I really don't care. Life is too complicated, so why bother fucking it up more yourself. And anyways, I feel comfortable about saying/doing anything I feel like in front of them.

Yippie so back to being excited about going to Goa. Will post about the trip once I am back from it. Hope to do some water sports and pacify the jealous me. I was so so so J when I heard about the Meister's parasailing experience. So, I am sure I am gonna do it this time.

Nothing more for now.

Happy Birthday Ma

She completes 60 today. I only wish, I could be 20% as good a human being that she is. I have said it n number of times and I will say it again, she is the strongest person, I have ever seen in my lifetime. I think anything more would be a waste, cause nothing I can say will be even close to describing her.

Happy Birthday Ma!
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I don't know what to say really. I am so so hurt, sad, frustrated, much that the inside of my heart aches with the heaviness. Just day before, I was crying my heart out to this friend of mine and he kept saying I need to stop caring for people and things who don't see my love for them and today I read what I do. It's not the first time really that it was put so harshly across, I had heard it all before from the Meister, and perhaps from many stares, all those whose minds had been filled with the talk. But yet I believed that it would work out fine...once sometime had passed I would go back to sort things out and it would work. But perhaps for the first time today, it's stark on my face that it would not.

If only hating was as easy for me as loving is, I might too have opted for it and gone ahead with making hate posts and doing the hate talk. I know I am not at all expressive with what I feel but I never felt it was that important, so much so that not expressing it everyday translated to hate or envy. Such a foolish incident where I had let my guards down for a while could change so much, I never ever thought in my dreams.

Nonetheless, I do not blame, and I do so very selfishly. Doing that would only take away someting from the best I have in my heart, the memories, the connection that believed was special inspite of the odds. Infact so much so that I tried for two god damned years to fucking fit in, going totally against what I am to be what it might fucking take, but that didn't help did it? Do I wish to re-concile? I don't know really, if that could happen ever...but I swear on anything that I can that I no longer would make another girl friend, because when that ends it really hurts the worst. I could go on and on, but I would burst out crying if I wrote anything more.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KOHL All The Way!

Amidst a lot of drum rolls and trumpets, I announce to all and sundry "I finished one stick of kohl on my own."

Amazed faces? expected. Dissatisfied grunts, expected again. Loads of 'what the hells & hecks, EXPECTED! Try not being shocked and participating in my achievement, coz that really is not expected of anyone in this whole wide world.

I know, it is hardly a thing to perhaps finish a stick of kohl in a span of a year and more. But if you know me as a person, you exactly know how BIG a deal it is for me. I always have to give away or throw any cosmetic that I buy or have, cause I cannot even finish them half and the expiry thingy is over and they all find their smooth and dull ride to my dustbin. Sigh! isn't it. So, now can I expect some 'great job,' 'congratulation,' 'way to go girl,' and 'wishing you a life full of complete costmetic usage...'

I am typical tomboy when it comes to getting decked up and all and only started using make-up as late as say post my post-grad?? And even today, I can't spend even 5 minutes on a regular basis. Also, that everytime I had to throw away stuff, I had this urge to finish one of these thingies totally and then see how it feels to throw away stuff when its used to its potential ;)

Looking forward to buying a new one...Revlon it might be this time, as I heard they have real good kohl sticks ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Kept Thinking After The Anonymous Comment...

In my post titled 'Back In Hyd,' someone anonymously commented "I haven't seen a girl bursting at seams with so many feelings for so many people," and I wonder how many other such things are not expected out of girls. I do not at all blame Mr/Ms anonymous for feeling the way s/he did, so please do not go explaining yourself, I already understand. It's just that we all are conditioned and cultured so well in this whole dichotomy of Girls and Guys that it is only natural of us to behave the way we do, expecting a girl to behave in a particular way and a guy in another. If anyone disobeys, we tend towards judging them, thus making life worth living, I suppose. After all, years of marination in the (popularly called) Indian ethics, culture, and values, can't go waste.

Very frankly, I don't see the point personally in not saying or writing the way you feel, as not saying it won't change a thing for the way you feel. I also do not see a point in stopping yourself from feeling a particular thing, cause anyways you have thought about it. I do not even see a foocking (as the meister puts it) point in then limiting the way a girl/guy is supposed to behave and react to things differently. I am sure all of us have gone through this forward that came a long time back, trying to highlight how biased our education system is. The forward was about this Hindi poem that is taught in the pre-primary or primary schools, it went something like this...

Ram uth, school jaa
Sita uth, pani bhar
Ram padhai kar
Sita roti bana....

I am not too sure about how it really was, but the essence was how we teach kids as young as 4-5 to acquire behaviors which perhaps might not come naturally to them. Just thinking, what would happen, if kids are not taught consciously or sub-consciously to behave as a girl or guy...would they behave more naturally or differently. I know, many who do not de-construct a given fact think all this as bull-shit and are completely aganist this line of thought. But where is really the harm in thinking??

P.S. - I am most certain that I am the most confused person you will ever come across.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Nice Pic I Came Across

Words can perhaps only take away something that is so beautiful about this pic. So, I would leave it at this.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back In Hyd

I am back from a longish vacation. Went to a lot of places - Mumbai, Bhopal, Raigarh, Raipur, Nagpur and back today. Loved every bit of the 18 days I was off...except for the train journey from Nagpur to Hyd. It was the worst thing that perhaps has happened to me and the Meister...though the Meister would call his stay in Nagpur the worst. The train was so damn hot with the pantry being just next to our sleeper coach, we kept getting spicy and hot wiffs of everything that was being cooked.

The journey to Mumbai was great. I spent a day there with Sam and made him spend a lot of money on me (out of his own wish, no force was applied). He is the best thing that happened to me in my class 3 and he continues to rock till today. I infact secretly loved him in my school years and the feeling keeps haunting me back on and off. From there we took a train to Bhopal, had loads of fun with Sam, who got lost in trying to understand what and why we feel the way we do for each other. I as usual made numerous faux pas when I kept passing comments on this guy, only to realize he was also going to Bhopal to attend the same wedding as us and from the guys side. Realized it only when we reached Bhopal and the groom came to pick him up :O

Bhopal was a different story altogether...with the wedding and work and all. Sam and me being the great friends that we are :) as always saved Priks ass. Won't mention the details of that here. Its too long a story. Apart from that, it was overall a very emotional experience, as seeing Priks getting married is as good as me getting married.

Post all the wedding work and all I was back in Raigarh. The heaven for me and many like me. Had the most amazing 15 days there, as many of my cousins had luckily took leave during the same time. So, partied harder than ever and spent loads of time together, going any and everywhere we could. I also got a lot of repair work done at home and made my parents proud of their daughter. Overall, it was a fulfilling trip to Raigarh, though everyone in my family took time out to explain to me how important it was for me to get married by end of this year and asked me to look for other greener (i believe) pastures if KT and his family are not ready for marriage by end of feb 2010. So, almost everyday, I had a 1:1 with someone or the other in my family.

Sam being Sam, came all the way back to Raigarh for two days to meet his mom and attend to some family matter and I believe ofcourse for me :). We took the train together from Raigarh while leaving, and so it was a little less painful for me. We as always, never slept and spoke almost till 5 in the morning. One of our co-passengers asked us to keep quite and sleep and so we had to move to neat the door, as our conversation just never ended. We discussed any and everything under the sun...which also included how both our families want us to get married to each other...something very convinient for them, as they have seen us since our childhood and would love to see us married. Though Sam has a GF and I have KT, though both of us still love each other equally....Bachpan Ka Pyaar and all that jazz ;)

After a very long night, I got off at Nagpur and Sam went to Mumbai. Nagpur was a tragic affair as it was so so so damn hot, that the Meister and myself almost started melting. The trian ride as I mentioned was even more horrible, but I troubled the Meister taking a lot of relationship advice and sharing my doubts and concerns. The dude inspite of never having been in a relationship still gives very sound advice and I really respect him for that.

After, being baked in the horrendous train for 10 hours was back in lovely Hyd at around 4:30 am and now back at work with my eyelids refusing to open as I have completed a marathon of three sleepless nights in a strech in all the exhaustion. Kudos, I say to myself.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Proud of my Dad!

I know, its kindda a redundant statement to make, everyone is proud of their Dad's, unless he is really not worth it. 

My dad finally launched his English weekly on the 21st May with the best reception any newspaper has got in our town. We have had a small printing house back at home, and since my grandfather's time we have this evening daily newspaper in hindi - Bayar. I always had heard my papa wishing and dreaming to start an English newspaper, but due to monitary issues, career concerns, and other family responsibilites he never could. But I am so happy that finally his dream came true. It's remarkable to see him at 59 and still having the strength to go achieve his dreams. I am so so so proud of him. It's a weekly English newspaper cum magazine with only 8 pages as of now...that too of a little smaller size than the normal biggish newspapers. 

In his speech in the lauch ceremony, he requested the city folks, "to not judge the newspaper by the size of it, as it is smaller, but said its an initial effort and would expand in terms of pages." He later added why he chose the size, "I decided to keep the size small, as in her growing up years, when I was trying to cultivate the habit of newspaper reading in my younger daughter, she used to come up with this wierd but practical excuse saying the newspaper was too big for her small hands, and it was such a pain to keep folding and opening it. So, this is for my daughter and a lot of such people who find it cumbersome to read large newspapers."

When I got to know about it, I actually remembered the painful mornings when my Dad used to ask me and my sister to read newspapers. I found it really a task to go through this ugly sheets. I am so happy, my Dad kept this in mind while coming up with his newspaper. I only and only wish that it is a success and Papa can achieve everything he has dreamed off. I really have no words to explain how happy, content, and proud I felt on the 21st evening. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scribbles - 1

Images float
at the back of my hut
and I still dare not dream
of the nights and days
that could have been.

We never could finish sentences in rhymes
nor could we repeat lines and couplets
but we used strokes and splashes 
of colors and winter afternoons
like a tribal frenzy.

In the moonlit night
fire, stories, and songs
could anything else fit better in a story?

We never had answers or questions
like rocks
What we had
like sand
from our thin long fingers
and some got stuck
in the crevices
and Dahlia would clean them
with her soft and melancholic hands

There were so many of those
rough, soft, a dark brown, a sickly yellow, shiny palms
but they all loved us and fed us
those summer nights
the same hands would ruffle our hair and make us sleep

My neighbour, 
in her tattered slippers
and me with none
would run across to the other house
the bluish-purple berries
staining our cotton frocks

Yellow and Green afternoons
extended like
and Ended.
The river sang Songs,
and we played Hopscotch,
we believed we entertained.

Golden Sqaures where people
scratched their old and wrinkled knees
Did they watch
Others wishing to live lives of the 
Kings & Queens in a pack of cards
Or Did they await death?

So much and many more
beautiful things of our childhood could perhaps 
and write itself beautifully on our graves...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Had a new hairdo which cost me a bomb...debated a long while whether or not I could take such a lavish plunge when people everywhere are dying of hunger. Somehow, convinced myself of it and went ahead. Still feel extremely guilty for having splurged...perhaps it is a small town girl thing which I will never get over. Extravaganza never sits well with my conscience. That apart, the other effect of having spent the sum was sleek and sexy hair...hated it for the first few days but like it now and it gives me a more simple and sleek look somehow.

Started going to the gym again with a new friend made in office. She is pretty simple and nice, so its fun hanging out with her. Both of us have a blast at the gym, and try to shed a few fat flabs that we have.

Worked really hard on a great project at work...and was able to create a very grown up reporting for my team with a lot of graphs, numbers, and pivots :) It is a huge deal for me becuase I never was a number and graph person...

That's how the week was I guess.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The First Few Sketches & Paintings I Did

This birthday, the Meister recognizing my potential with the visual arts gifted me a grand set of poster colors, brushes, and a color palette. Thanks a ton to him, I now have a great way to utilize my time and learn something new. The sketch I did seeing it from one of the sketch books I bought for myself trying to learn how to sketch. I am so proud of myself that I did these, back at school I could not even draw a straight line or a good enough circle. I was really pathetic. I know, these are nothing great, but they give me hope that perhaps with more practise, I could realize one of my dream of painting and sketching good someday. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Missed My Train :(

I have this recurring dream (though I see it in very long intervals of months or even years) where I miss a train in a particular station which is quite close by my hometown, usually it is Champa (a small town in Chattisgarh which sells very good samosaas, btw) some other times it is Jharsugda (another very small town in Orrissa, we relish the Chenapura from there).

It always happens the very same way in my dream, while my train is entering the station I think to myself that ok this is a station with a comparatively longer stopage but not long enough that I go out of the station to buy some wierd stuff or meet friends living in the city or I will miss the train. I also suddenly see sequences where I am interacting with my fellow passengers to whom I have been aloof all this while. The train finally stops, I get down, and straight walk out of the station, outside I am either in my old school, or college hostel, or any place which could not logically have been there. By the time I am back at the station, I can see the tail of the train smoothly gliding from the far end of the station. Sometime, I even run behind it and only once have I been able to catch it. Last night, in the dream, I asked an auto wala to take me to a nearest station so that I can catch the train there and we had an adventurous journey till the next station and I am able to catch the train. 

Another, recurrent dream is I am in a place where the airport and the railway station are next to each other and I always go to the railway station thinking it to be the airport and this sentry has to direct me back to the right place. On reaching the airport, I always have lost my flight ticket and have to go to this glass counter where I need to talk to the concerned guy and convince him to give me a new copy of the same ticket looking for my name in their database. Having done that, I manage to just reach on time and then I dream of different things while I am in the aircraft. 

Actually, come to think of it since childhood I have had a couple of such dreams which I keep coming back to time and again. I really really wish I could have their interpretations sometime.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planted My Plants :)

In my last post I had mentioned about the initiatives our office took and is planning on taking on/for Earth day. As part of one of those initiatives indoor plants were distributed to all those who wanted them. Since, very few people showed interest, instead of one I got three plants to take home with me :)Since, all this was in the middle of the week, I did not get the time to buy pots and had to keep them in the mud sack they came in for almost two days. 

Saturday came in with a beautiful weather and a brother who kept calling and did not let me sleep in the afternoon arrrgh. With nothing much to do, I went out to buy pots for my pretty plants and got three prettiest pots possible (those ceramic ones, with very bright paintings on them). Then went to this street-side nursery to buy mud to fill the pots with...the auto guy was really really nice and helped me unload and carry the mud filled heavy pots to my apartment and did not even ask for extra money for all the waiting and carrying. In my house with the beautiful pots, I did all the cleaning, digging, and planting. It was quite a task to not harm the plants while taking them out of their sacks. I cleant and watered the plants and the pot and placed them in three corners in my living room. The fresh wet green of the plant and the shiny blue, brown, yellow paints of the ceramic make my whole room look so neat and lively. I love it.

Since the time, I planted them - me and my roommate have been oggling at the plants and trying to see if we need to water them or shift them here and there :)We almost are getting too attached to them in just two days. So, for anyone who needs a very nice hobby and wants to make their living room a little more pretty -Go ahead buy some plants.

Would try and post some pics of them once they grow a little. Till then, I shall have the fun of watching them grow and taking care of them, yay!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Today is the Earth day and I think it is a nice time for each one of us to remind ourselves of terms like... renewable energy, planting trees, recycling stuff, optimal usage of natural resources and all.

Exactly two weeks back, our office in anticipation of today and its corporate social responsibility, asked us to submit ideas that we could come up with which we could use during this one week we decided to contribute to our environment. I usually am the last person in our office to submit and contribute towards any office activities...and I know it is nothing to be proud of. Yet, for a change I thought of submitting this idea that I feel very strongly for and about which I have been thinking for a while now - Reducing usage of or Removing Plastic Bags from our lives. 

After submitting this idea, I finally launched on my personal war against plastic bags, and amazingly enough I have not used them for exactly two weeks today. Though let me admit upfront that I was really really bad when it came to polluting earth with plastics. So, two weeks does seem a big deal. There are some problems that I am still looking solutions for some very genuine problems that I would face very soon. Like how do I buy pulses and rice and stuff like that if I am buying them from the supermarket. They usually come in packaged plastic bags. Also, how do I keep vegetables in the fridge. I usually used to buy them from the veg kiosks in plastic bags and stuff them directly in the fridge. I have heard about some plastic boxes but the whole idea seems cumbersome. 

I think the whole idea behind this post was to just make the presence felt of newbies in this field and give some comfort if at all any to those who are scared of taking the first step. I just wanted to say it loud that I am 26 and I have only taken my very first step towards making earth a cleaner and better place. Hope I  learn more as I venture forth. 

P.S. - Would love more ideas on how I could carry forth my mission against plastic bags further.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it too late or early?

Is it too late my luv?
to write...
to write all that I lived for

the count never stops
am I late for the only thing
that was supposed to be me?

A new life,
with all its new ways

Yet I stay 
the very same way.
Still & silent.

The empty road
leads back to my house
just the way the other crowded one.

Is it a game?
I play to pass my time?
or is it nothing at all?

No longer 
I pretend
to be happy
and young.

I wish 
I live 
and love
till I die.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tagged By Rajtilak aka The Chronicles Of R

I know it is a lil delayed, but did not really have the time or energy in the past few days.
I was named after this tonic named Bunnyshon/Bonyshon (not sure how it is spelled) it was one of the tonics that I was given as a baby and my mom really liked the good it did to me so was named bunny. 

Last night, while I was watching P.S I Love You :(. I can cry really bad watching movies.

Yes, I do. But it could be better.



Of course I would be.  I am wonderful and a very loyal friend to have.

Sometimes, when I see the nedd to.

Yes. I have everything with which I was born except for the umbical cord may be.

Yes sure...that is one of the things I really want to try.

Rice & Corn (maize).

Never. Too lazy or careless for that.

Vanilla, Butter Scotch, & Black Current.

It's wierd but I notice their nose. 

Would go with red. 

My foot. It is really really ugly.

17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? The question could be twiked for what as well!
I miss being at home, in Raigarh my home town, with my cousins, celebrating Holi, the list is really endless.

Yes, if they have the time and inclination.

I am wearing a washed blue denims and my shoes are washed black canvas kinds.

My breath and my cube mates typing on their laptops.

Yellow or fresh Green. 

My mother's & KT's skin, smell of earth after the first shower, my new perfume Deneude. 


Yes,  ofcourse would like to know him more. Hardly know anything about him except he is an avid blogger and is good at it.

Football, tennis, my nephew running here and there talking gibberish.

Black. I think.

Dark brown.

No, I don't need to. I have a perfect 20-20 eyesight.

Home made anything. 

Last night I re-watched P.S. I Love You. I am in this chick flick mode.

Black Tees.

Winter for its lazy spread out afternoons, Summer for its cool & well lit evenings, rains just for the reason it rains anytime.

Both in their own time.

All depends on my mood really.

ummm...just to not copy it from Rajtilak...lemme late I think, "How are you?" & "How was your weekend?"

None as of now. Plan on starting with Women As Lovers.


According to Jim, if I remember right.

My nephew's voice, rain drops on leaves, silence.


The US.

Yes, I have very strong intuitions which are almost always come true especially about death.

In a hospital in Raigarh.


We were very good friends and class mates during our masters.

If anyone is willing to write about this please go ahead and get tagged. 

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Things I wish to Learn/Do

I have been wanting to learn/do a few things for sometime now. It is funny how when I had all the time while I was studying I never took any initiative to do any of those. Now, when I am working and five days of the week passes in front of the laptop, I so so want to learn/do one or all of the things. Most of this wish list is to do with my trying to indulge and enhance my artistic self. Just to list a few of them,

1. I want to learn how to sing well.
2. I want to learn the guitar. (sadly, I even own a guitar from the past three years and still have not managed to learn it)
3. I want to join Yoga.
4. I want to learn how to sketch. (I tried learning from sketch books at home and was not really bad, but stopped)
5. I want to learn how to read and write Bangla. (I can manage to speak with a lot of mistakes here and there)
6. All my life now I have been wanting to read and write I think that goes without saying.
7.  I want to do a huge glass painting.
8. I want to learn harmonium.
9. I want to re-work on my MA dissertation.
10. I want to make a short film, howmuch ever amateurish it end up becoming.
11. I want to work with an orphange as a vocation.  

I think, I need to just start on a few. For the first one, I will need to ask UG to give me the phone number of the lady who takes singing classes and talk to her to fix the class dates. To learn Bangla I think I should ask KT or the Meister to help me as they are available at all odd hours. Even, I could talk to the Meister and have this F2F (friend to friend) classes where I teach him Hindi and he can teach me bangla. For guitar, I guess someone who knows any guitar teacher in Hyd could pass me the number. 

I got two of my small glass paintings framed and they look beautiful, so I think that will motivate me to do a bigger one now. I have to figure where my MA dissertation is and then could perhaps start revising it chapter by chapter, may be even talk to my previous guide :)

I could do so many things, just that I need to start somewhere. I think I need more people like the Meister around me, who go follow their heart and instincts and get things done, I think that will motivate me. 

Just to let all those who read this - This is my 100th post!

Considering, I have been blogging for over two years now, that looks pretty bad, doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Been Busy

I have been really busy for the past two weeks. So much so that the whole of this week I have gone back home around 9 or 10 pm everyday and for the rest of the days in the week, I don't think its going to be any different.

That was my reason for not posting anything for this long. The day, I made my last post, I went to Puri for a 4-5 days fun trip. Had a great time there. Have been wanting to post about it for sometime, but then again was either too tied up with work or very tired. Now, the experience seems so long back that it feels I would do injustice if I write about it now.

I don't really know why I am making this no-sense post, not that any of you is really interested in knowing the why's in my life. I think, I am just trying to overcome the guilt of not having written anything for a long time. 

February, was very much all about work and the trip to Puri. I just managed to read one book. Did not even open another, inspite of the huge plans I had for reading...for which I even got a Shelfari cupboard of books.

bye bye to busy february and welcome to a hopeful march for more fun times.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This One too is for my Cab mate...

I Do sound as if I have ahuge fan following and I am some popular writer. But couldn't get a better title.
This Post is also for all those who are disgusted by the word "feminism".
This way I am also letting you deceide whether you want to read this or not...
This is a lilttle bit of information on about what feminism is not
1. Feminism to start with is not all/only about women out with lathis on the road, bashing up men at every opprtunity.
2. Feminism is also not exclusive of housewives and women who are introvert, non-modern rather traditional.
3. Feminism is also not only about women smoking and drinking.
4. Feminism is not just about "bra burning"
5. Feminism is not synonymous to not understanding things and making an issue out of it all the time.
6. Feminism is not inconsiderate.

and perhaps Feminism should not be a thing of the upper class/ caste women.

Feminism is a better way of living for women!

This and much much more human is feminism!

hope it helps all those who misunderstand it and me too.


Re: Can I use the banned word

I am re-posting this one, as I wanted one of my cab-mates to read this and didn't want him searching for the post.

Let me be all hush-hush while I use it. If someone hears me using it, who knows the next thing they do is hang me...
finally the much debated, hated, and contemplated a word appears in my blog...F E M I N I S M !
Watched Paromita Vohra's documentary "unlimited girls", good I would say for the issues that it raises. 
Is feminism an ideology for ugly women? 
Isn't being a woman reason enough to be a feminist?
Do we have to know the history and everything that went into getting FEMINISM the platform where it stands today?
Agreed one needs to know, but perhaps one cannot dismiss somebody just because s/he hasn't read the literature on feminism. 
It's surprising how somebody in her interview said that she is afraid to have freedom, cause at the end of the day it leaves her tired of the social structure. 
Is it enough for women like me and anybody reading this that Feminism today functions perfectly well just in our lives? 
Do not we need to push it further so that it reaches to lives of all women? Shall we happily wrap up our mouths and mumble things that only we can hear, and be happy and 'thankful' of the situation we are in today? Is it enough to say that it is necessary that women be emancipated and let others fight for the cause? And in the end of it all say something like
"these Feminists are here to create Chaos !"
Sigh! lastly do we accept any and everything in the name of a culture that teaches us to be filth and nothing more?
do we
do we
do we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!