Thursday, March 17, 2011

Words & More For You

Just write. You know, scribble words, then see if they can stick around to become a sentence, and then see where that takes me. That was & is the deep desire that is one thing very constant in my life. All this while, when I was not writing, I had hell loads of ideas or things that I wanted to write about, but I also felt this huge urge/guilt to first write about this big thing that I did in my life. I have been wanting to write about it, but I know I would not be able to do justice to the way I felt doing it & the fear of not succeeding in describing aptly the most important event, I have not written at all. So, I give the bare facts.

 I recently got married to be precise on 23rd Nov. It was the usual Indian affair with lots of fun, love, & emotions. I loved every bit of it. The best thing of all this is I am to be with the man I love all my life, & no it does not scare me a bit. It used to, the thought of it used to scare me, but the reality does not. The reality is so much more that I find it funny I was ever scared of it to begin with. Yes, there are more relatives to talk to, think about, care for, & yes it sometimes leaves you exhausted & overwhelmed, but when you see that happiness & love in their eyes for you, it all seems alright. It all seems worthwhile. It's beautiful to know that there is this one person back home who would do anything for you without you even asking for it. This one person who you can rant on & on about any & everything & there would be no judging you, they would listen just cause you want to talk about it & nothing more. It's the most amazing feeling to be in love, marriage for me was only this necessary thing that I needed to do to be with the person I loved. But it has come to be more. It's wonderful to know that you are being missed at home even if you go out with your girl-friends for a couple of hours. The best thing in the world is to re-treat back to that nook which both of you have cultivated lovingly, & all worries seem to fade away. What else do I need? 

I could go on & on & there would be no end. As I feel I have not done a good job, I haven't told the best things yet...but that I could never do. Somethings in life are just worth experiencing for yourself. About the rest, I can write & will write in time...untill then