Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Once In Love Always in Love

I wanted to make a post about how I am done with all my preparations for my Michigan trip where the temperature is sub-zeros around this time of the year. I wanted to write about how Ma painfully got all my woolens out & got them washed with EZ, as being in Hyd one never gets to wear them so they had been lazily sitting under my box-bed. How she helped me pick up the best thermals, woolen socks, & everything else that was required. How she finished packing all the stuff that I am going to take & also the ones which I am not into two different suitcases. I would be gone for 6 weeks & she does not want dust to settle on the ones I am leaving behind. Mothers indeed are elaborately loving :) With two more days before I leave, I am getting a little nervous about travelling to the US with no assistance whatsoever, but I am sure its going to be a good & fun adventure. Amen! to that & moving to what I titled this post about, though again I think I have lost interest on that as well :O

But instead, I wandered off to another blog & read some stuff on being in love & loosing the one you loved. I sure have been at both the ends so I know how it is, or at least so I think. I have lost a lot of people I loved to death, but never lost anyone I was romantically attached to another person or never had a break-up which was never initiated by me. So, I perhaps do not understand it in that respect. Somehow, when we talk about love the only angle that people assume it to be is the romantic. So, let me play to the gallery & talk about the Love that is popular. Love as many of us say is often used in a very random manner...

Ok this got discontinued there, had a meeting for an hour, went to Shilparamam, & then lunch. So, knowing my mood swings, I am out of the mood & will end this abruptly here :(


Potato said...

why did u go to Shilparamam?

wasted said...

I had to buy gifts for my counterparts in the US.