Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A plea,
a soft murmer
and a silence.
Your fingers tap
the rythm,
of my death
on a rosary
I panic
I cry
yet finally
I die-
I meet you in snow
and smile
a dying
yet so living a smile.

Smiles disappear
at times when I die
and reappear again with
a timeless birth.

Haunted pasts
not like memories
but something more
alive and vivid.

Life told stories
and sang songs
when alive
now when dead
will it retell the same stories
of a yellow verandah
and chillies strewn
over the concrete tiled floor


myriadmind said...

One more addition to your death series.
No more no less. Hope you're planning to publish them as a series.

Harsh though it may sound, its sounding like the death knell of your imaginative boundaries.(ignore syntax)

Why not celebrate life, sea waves and awakening for a change?
The last para reminds me of a still life i attempted as a kid...

wasted said...

true enough I think may be it is true "the death knell of your imaginative boundaries" part.

jessica said...

To publish them as a series will work better..

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wasted said...

@Jessica - Only if I get a publisher :(