Thursday, August 26, 2010

Initiated After A Friend's Post

Globalization, finally I say it aloud, is surely not a good thing for people who suffer poverty. It is perhaps great for people like you; who have the luxury of using internet & more so of reading things online & for me who can afford the same. But for me, I feel guilty every day when I walk into my posh multi-national company while there are many who are being migrated from their homes, lives, & cultures at the very instance. But as Mango Indian aptly calls my kind  'the corporate prostitutes,'
 after drawing a good salary I then have the time to care for the rest. I don't complain on called so, it is the truth afterall.

I don't know what is the solution, if we don't go for globalization. I don't have another 'ism' or 'ation' to replace it with & make everything right. But I surely know that replacing indeginous cultures & people with shiny polished steel frames & botox faces is not the right way. Pardon the exaggeration. But sthe pain I feel is overwhelming, when everytime I go back home & my father narrates about another bout at migrating the Agharias (a tribe in my region Chattisgarh). I know organizations like the UNICEFs really care (atleast i want to believe that) but is getting proper urinals & toilets really that important? For me I know it is, but me being the product of urban bastardization, cannot really speak for those living in a remote village in Bastar. So, I question frequently how does an organization like UNICEF decide for them? Do they understand their lives, the way they spend or want to spend their day? & if they do, then I want to learn the trick too, because sometimes its far too much of guilt that I live with & I would surely like to get rid of it.

I am little more of a romantic to not hope. I still hope that perhaps something could change this. I still wish that by some magic the 'de-contruction theory' that Derrida talked so often about comes true & my people are spared from what so lures the urban middle/upper class.