Friday, February 24, 2006

this is for Big Mouth!

this what atleast I feel is your 'desh'.
It is a picture from your city. Don't know why I am so much in love with it.
anyways just to make you feel at home, or may be to make you more nostalgic...

do I really want to say something?

guess not. But then it's 1.30 am and I am still stuck with just half a page of my stupid assignment. Derrida (do i sound like i am name thorwing?) definetly is complex, one almost needs to read him 500 times before even beginning to make sense of his grammar and language, leave only his arguments, which follow. Though you might be able to catch hold of the basic argument but the various strands of his thought just elludes. With his one sentence almost ending in the middle of the page, one just thinks its never going to end, and there at the far right hand corner of the page you see a what? OH! my God it is a full stop! WoW! The treat is over people,because either you have completly forgotten what you had read, or if at all you have a memory enough to remember his jargon filled sentence, there is yet another longer sentence this time asking your patience and reading. I won't be cruel enough to ask for your comprehension because this something while reading Jacques Derrida becomes the marginal, hardly ever thought of.
guess this will make me going for now.

P.S. this is not true for his deconstruction essays though.All thanks to my Prof. or to the beginners guide to derrida I beleive.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Me my Friends and my ...

yet another party, yet another thing to think and laugh at.

had a wonderful time though. Had planned to write a chapter for my dissertation and what however happened was not at all bad.

danced like crazy, drank like a sponge.
hey guess am still reeling with last nights fun.

my good self: partying too much huh!
me: not all that much, come on.
my good self: next will be when, tomorrow?
me: no no no, atleast a fortnight now.
my good self: yah right! high hopes.
me: smiles sheepishly. grin.

lets see then!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


let be green this time he had thought...but she painted the town white. So white that the shadows now looked real. The sun rested at every corner and every opportunity. The kids smelt of stale sweat, and the black skin enveloped the town in a heat unbearable. So much that the girl with huge basket of guavas dropped her load from her head and sat in the cool varandah of the Chowdhari's. Her half naked body and the black of her skin echoed the myths of a lost time, when love happened. Mundri, took one of the riped ones from her basket and offered it to the kids playing the game of rivers and mountains...

will continue later...

Monday, February 06, 2006

my keyboard is fucked with rum...

what follows is nowhere related to the title.

finally back in campus. The feel of ur room, your bed n your blanket is wonderful after a painful journey which is cold, where people do not care for the co-passengers n talk at a volume fit for a night club with music cannonading your ears. To top it all the light glares at your tiered,sleepy eyes.

happy to be back at last!