Sunday, July 26, 2009

While I have nothing To Write About.

While I have nothing to write about and I have been away from blogging for a while, I thought it best to make my presence felt by sharing few of my Fav Eddie Izzard's videos:

Do You Have A Flag? Cake Or Death?

I have been an Izzard fan for a while now, got to hear about him from a friend and since then have been hooked on and off. Its a must watch for all of you who like stand up comedian artists. Have fun Watching them.


Priyanka said...

I've seen a few of Izzard's gigs...quite hilarious for the most part!
If you like stand-up...must watch Russel Peters!

wasted said...

Yah...have seen some of his too. He sure is one of his kinds.

jessica said...

I am an a great fan of Izzard's...
he is awesome..

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