Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Today is the Earth day and I think it is a nice time for each one of us to remind ourselves of terms like... renewable energy, planting trees, recycling stuff, optimal usage of natural resources and all.

Exactly two weeks back, our office in anticipation of today and its corporate social responsibility, asked us to submit ideas that we could come up with which we could use during this one week we decided to contribute to our environment. I usually am the last person in our office to submit and contribute towards any office activities...and I know it is nothing to be proud of. Yet, for a change I thought of submitting this idea that I feel very strongly for and about which I have been thinking for a while now - Reducing usage of or Removing Plastic Bags from our lives. 

After submitting this idea, I finally launched on my personal war against plastic bags, and amazingly enough I have not used them for exactly two weeks today. Though let me admit upfront that I was really really bad when it came to polluting earth with plastics. So, two weeks does seem a big deal. There are some problems that I am still looking solutions for some very genuine problems that I would face very soon. Like how do I buy pulses and rice and stuff like that if I am buying them from the supermarket. They usually come in packaged plastic bags. Also, how do I keep vegetables in the fridge. I usually used to buy them from the veg kiosks in plastic bags and stuff them directly in the fridge. I have heard about some plastic boxes but the whole idea seems cumbersome. 

I think the whole idea behind this post was to just make the presence felt of newbies in this field and give some comfort if at all any to those who are scared of taking the first step. I just wanted to say it loud that I am 26 and I have only taken my very first step towards making earth a cleaner and better place. Hope I  learn more as I venture forth. 

P.S. - Would love more ideas on how I could carry forth my mission against plastic bags further.


Meister said...

why only plastic? why not against bulbs?

Meister said...

or for that matter paper and tissue papers?

Meister said...

suggestion 1: don't buy pulses etc from supermarket. why not try the neighbourhood kirana store? u carry a container with u and ask them to pour the stuff in them.

suggestion 2: back home, we never keep vegetables in plastic, we wash them and keep them in the vegetable specific section in the freeze, u know right at the bottom, the tray.....its not cumbersome...and believe me whn i say something is not isn't

suggestion 3: when u do go to malls etc to buy whatever, don't take plastic

suggestion 4: don't use styrofoam or plastic cups, plates etc in office

suggestion 5: don't buy plastic boxes.....they r also non-biodegradable btw

suggestion 6: never go for plastic surgery :-D

wasted said...

hmm thanks for all the suggestions...can't keep all vegetables just like that in that bottom box, as it all gets mixed up. Also, the rest of the suggestions I had think of and some I am even following.

Meister said...

what humongous earth shattering calamity is it when a cucumber lies side by side with beans and a brinjal????

wasted said...


Siddharth said...

good effort

wanda1234 said...

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