Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scribbles - 1

Images float
at the back of my hut
and I still dare not dream
of the nights and days
that could have been.

We never could finish sentences in rhymes
nor could we repeat lines and couplets
but we used strokes and splashes 
of colors and winter afternoons
like a tribal frenzy.

In the moonlit night
fire, stories, and songs
could anything else fit better in a story?

We never had answers or questions
like rocks
What we had
like sand
from our thin long fingers
and some got stuck
in the crevices
and Dahlia would clean them
with her soft and melancholic hands

There were so many of those
rough, soft, a dark brown, a sickly yellow, shiny palms
but they all loved us and fed us
those summer nights
the same hands would ruffle our hair and make us sleep

My neighbour, 
in her tattered slippers
and me with none
would run across to the other house
the bluish-purple berries
staining our cotton frocks

Yellow and Green afternoons
extended like
and Ended.
The river sang Songs,
and we played Hopscotch,
we believed we entertained.

Golden Sqaures where people
scratched their old and wrinkled knees
Did they watch
Others wishing to live lives of the 
Kings & Queens in a pack of cards
Or Did they await death?

So much and many more
beautiful things of our childhood could perhaps 
and write itself beautifully on our graves...


myriadmind said...

wow, awesome work
truly inspiring !

wasted said...

can't really believe you said that...you never say such nice things about my writes...

Meister said...

didn't understand anything...too complicated for my simple mind...liked the picture though

Supreethi Pandrangi said...

beaaaaaaaaautiful poetry runa...love it! God I feel so nostalgic reading this..

wasted said...

thanks sups...waise how is the tummy coming along...send some pics naa would love to see.

Anonymous said...

Lovely imagery. Never knew you wrote so well :)

wasted said...

thanks and who is that by the way?


Wow! Very nice... truly deep... Waiting for more from you...
Take care... regards.

wasted said...

thanks Arundam

wasted said...

sorry Arindam

wanda1234 said...

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jessica said...

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