Thursday, December 08, 2005


it bye for now will catch up later..

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

Do I or Don't I ?

The night filled with the smell of bitter almonds, and the smoke which always reminded me of you. Could you too have thought of me now when I think and write about a love unspoken? Could you too sense my presence with every rustle the wind makes with the curtains?
Could you too remember me once with the folds on your bed sheet..?
Marichiko in a whirlwind of such thoughts travels distances that the red smoke cannot at this moment. Locked in this frame she, the smoke struggles hard to get out of this four walls of the frame, to reach to her lover...But does Smoke has what Marichiko does not...A Lover?
Perhaps both in the mists of their unforgotten pasts search for things that once belonged to them. Nights which they walked in the rain with their love....
perhaps nothing more...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Aren't they pretty?

just thought this was beautifull.
I am sick of my careless typing, I end up making so many God damn mistakes.

I am sure in this also I will end making some silly spell fuck.


Don't the two of them look gorgeous?

I guess It's about my dissertation!

here I am again with nothing much to write, but writing just because everytime I open somebody's blog I feel the necessity to write something o my own. Its funny the compulions an urban youth indulges in.

Life here is filled with academic tensions which will lead nowhere, cause I am ding nothing about them. In my desire to be involved in academics has led me into choosing to do a dissertation, and my apprehensions against it is making me re-think the decision. Anyways I will be doing it, in any case. My topic as I ve thought till now is going to do with the concept of the nation, as to how the media; the print the electronic and various other advertising mediums voice an assumed politics of India as a nation. How this voice is an urban, upper class/caste/ gender voice which very subtly yet stringly avoids the voices that exist in the periperies of our society. And in my process of witing it I am sure I will meanwhile create an 'Utopian space' fo myself where all my minority cmrades will have a space to themselves. ok this bit was just an influence of Sumit Sarkar I guess who has witten a completly imaginative piece on Subaltern Historiography, though nothing this is nothing on the lines of Nandy, who comes up with this wonderful imaginary theories. ok stop it girl, halt here before you enhance your prejudices for him, read a few more of his articles and then talk...
Ok I quit.