Friday, October 14, 2005

its nothing.

the sky
is not what i think of
its the froth
that boils inside
like the frizz from a glass of beer
and then the stench of burnt skin
filling up the room
a whisper,
with the dislike within
and final goodbye
to all that was good within...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

a mistake! perhaps.

i hate my being such an emotional crap. why the hell do i have to get involved into other people's affairs. what do i get ultimatly 'insult'. i really do not understand why people cant see things for themselves. why do they have to come crying after they have messed up everything. and then what m i supposed to do, just look at them?
in between, i had this class today"post colonial lit" where the teacher cancelld the class because some of us hd not read the readings.hahaha! how very sweet and dumb of her.
that was a fill up because i wanted not to go on on about the same stupid thing. stop whining u fool!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tonight !!!

In the nights like this one,you held me in your arms
And kissed me again and again under the blue sky
You love me and I love you too…

Tonight I can write the happiest lines…

Sunday, October 09, 2005


what the hell. my cousin also has the same name for his blog. its interesting.anyways its almost going to be an year of my relationship with this guy i am in love with, and a friend of mine asked me if i ever get bore of him. surprisingly, knowingmyself as the character i am i was quite shocked at the answer myself. i am not, isnt that great. today had gone to a place, where i was so nostalgic.
anyways life seems to be beautiful now. i know i love him, and its all the more beautiful to know he loves me the same...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

a capitalist fun

what the hell, its always a problem using this fucking thing.anyways ummm what did i want to write, ok yah got the link backits so much fun to go to these shopping malls, look all the beutiful things (is there are any), buy some, pay a lot and be happy, and at the same time a CAPITALIST, a buyer of the ideology, which at the same time u can critically talk about...thats how life is at this point of time...may be need some more time to think about all these comlicated things.anyways bought a lovely lavendar t-shirt for myself, and in this great feeling of wearing it, i somehow manage to forget about all the shit marx has spoken...