Sunday, July 26, 2009

While I have nothing To Write About.

While I have nothing to write about and I have been away from blogging for a while, I thought it best to make my presence felt by sharing few of my Fav Eddie Izzard's videos:

Do You Have A Flag? Cake Or Death?

I have been an Izzard fan for a while now, got to hear about him from a friend and since then have been hooked on and off. Its a must watch for all of you who like stand up comedian artists. Have fun Watching them.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

About the Stupidest Post

After having taken my time to sort things in my own little head, I realize the post where I went on and on about ranting "how hurt and crushed I was...blah blah blah..." was the stupidest thing, I could have done. My bad, I really take back everything I said. It was an emotional moment and I slipped. I only pity that I did that. Its no excuse yet, I feel better having said that.

I am done and over with the drama about the whole thing. I hope, I can move on now. First thing towards moving on is I am going on this wonderful trip with my best friend ever to Goa...really really excited and looking forward to it. I realize, I should just stick to my 'triumphant trio' for friends and things work out just fine for me. No mis-understanding, no kich kich...nothing stupid. Anyways, I am too much of an "insensitive person" for a lot of people around me and have heard it from all of them. Many rather most of you might call my recoiling back to my childhood friends as a defense thingy, but I really don't care. Life is too complicated, so why bother fucking it up more yourself. And anyways, I feel comfortable about saying/doing anything I feel like in front of them.

Yippie so back to being excited about going to Goa. Will post about the trip once I am back from it. Hope to do some water sports and pacify the jealous me. I was so so so J when I heard about the Meister's parasailing experience. So, I am sure I am gonna do it this time.

Nothing more for now.

Happy Birthday Ma

She completes 60 today. I only wish, I could be 20% as good a human being that she is. I have said it n number of times and I will say it again, she is the strongest person, I have ever seen in my lifetime. I think anything more would be a waste, cause nothing I can say will be even close to describing her.

Happy Birthday Ma!
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