Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planted My Plants :)

In my last post I had mentioned about the initiatives our office took and is planning on taking on/for Earth day. As part of one of those initiatives indoor plants were distributed to all those who wanted them. Since, very few people showed interest, instead of one I got three plants to take home with me :)Since, all this was in the middle of the week, I did not get the time to buy pots and had to keep them in the mud sack they came in for almost two days. 

Saturday came in with a beautiful weather and a brother who kept calling and did not let me sleep in the afternoon arrrgh. With nothing much to do, I went out to buy pots for my pretty plants and got three prettiest pots possible (those ceramic ones, with very bright paintings on them). Then went to this street-side nursery to buy mud to fill the pots with...the auto guy was really really nice and helped me unload and carry the mud filled heavy pots to my apartment and did not even ask for extra money for all the waiting and carrying. In my house with the beautiful pots, I did all the cleaning, digging, and planting. It was quite a task to not harm the plants while taking them out of their sacks. I cleant and watered the plants and the pot and placed them in three corners in my living room. The fresh wet green of the plant and the shiny blue, brown, yellow paints of the ceramic make my whole room look so neat and lively. I love it.

Since the time, I planted them - me and my roommate have been oggling at the plants and trying to see if we need to water them or shift them here and there :)We almost are getting too attached to them in just two days. So, for anyone who needs a very nice hobby and wants to make their living room a little more pretty -Go ahead buy some plants.

Would try and post some pics of them once they grow a little. Till then, I shall have the fun of watching them grow and taking care of them, yay!


Meister said...

keep em near the window when u go out every morning

Teja Priyadarshini said...

Did u know that to nullify the effect of the pollution a person does he/she has to plant 300 trees each. So lets start when we are still young! :)

Cheers. I appreciate what you are doing. I do a lot me self...will tell u abt it sometime.

wasted said...

@ Meister - Yah, on your suggestion last night I kept the windows for our sittin room open.

@Teja - oh my god really 300? I think so far I remember only having planted some 20 at the max.

Also, I think you should make a post in your blog about the other initiatives you take at a personal level.

Siddharth said...

I will take some more time to relate to environmental care;
Somehow I remember a line by Lord J M Keynes
"In the long run, we are all dead"

wanda1234 said...

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