Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KOHL All The Way!

Amidst a lot of drum rolls and trumpets, I announce to all and sundry "I finished one stick of kohl on my own."

Amazed faces? expected. Dissatisfied grunts, expected again. Loads of 'what the hells & hecks, EXPECTED! Try not being shocked and participating in my achievement, coz that really is not expected of anyone in this whole wide world.

I know, it is hardly a thing to perhaps finish a stick of kohl in a span of a year and more. But if you know me as a person, you exactly know how BIG a deal it is for me. I always have to give away or throw any cosmetic that I buy or have, cause I cannot even finish them half and the expiry thingy is over and they all find their smooth and dull ride to my dustbin. Sigh! isn't it. So, now can I expect some 'great job,' 'congratulation,' 'way to go girl,' and 'wishing you a life full of complete costmetic usage...'

I am typical tomboy when it comes to getting decked up and all and only started using make-up as late as say post my post-grad?? And even today, I can't spend even 5 minutes on a regular basis. Also, that everytime I had to throw away stuff, I had this urge to finish one of these thingies totally and then see how it feels to throw away stuff when its used to its potential ;)

Looking forward to buying a new one...Revlon it might be this time, as I heard they have real good kohl sticks ;)


myriadmind said...

Hope u finish many more kohl sticks, lipsticks and a whole world of cosmetics.

wasted said...

yay! Amen to that too...and look forward to a hole in your wallet in the next week...revlon might be a thing from in there ;)

Potato said...

what d foock is kohl????????????

wasted said...

kajal re...what else?


well even i suggest revlon...seems like we are becoming non-paid brand ambasaddors,i so much agree with you about throwing away cosmetics for the expiry date has passed,mann they cost so much....that reminds me yesterday a new lip balm digged a hole in my pocket.

wasted said...

hahha...revlon should totally pay us I guess. I am still to buy a new one yet though.

wanda1234 said...

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Anonymous said...

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