Monday, August 18, 2008

Amidst the Blue Sky & A Yellow bird

Pikpik, the yellow bird sat gathering the sunny delight of the afternoon. Hopping from one branch to another, she was oblivious that two people were talking about it. The happy yellow bird, underneath the blue sky...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Don't know...

Sometimes, its very difficult to realize why you are feeling the way you are. There is no justification. In the sense, the recent past events have nothing happening in it to explain your present emotion or the way you feel. Last night, I had a wonderful time with friends, who selflessly indulge me, and yet the morning made me sad. Waking up today, I had this empty feeling in my heart, so empty that it aches of nothingness. 

every morning,
the world becomes a vacuum 
and my heart sucks into the emptiness.
Delighted, it sings songs of misery
Relishes every drop of sad melody
till it can take no more...
no more of what I see
cracked-up faces smiling, false smiles
Social niceties traumatize me
and I see them basking in it
I feel lonely and alienated

Is this how it was supposed to be?
I was supposed to live a happy life
and not get sucked and consumed
by the rest...

Monday, August 04, 2008

It ain't A Game to be Over in a Jiffy...

Life isn't a game that you stop it as and when you like. It is life, you ought to give warnings, warnings, and more of it before you decide to stop. Cruel and unannounced, that can't be the way. No more, I say. 

Death isn't a gift that you just give to someone, without their asking for it. I ask of you to give us a gentle tap, remind us of our time, so we bid adieu. Give us the chance to mend our mistakes, and see lifefull of our loved ones, one last time. Cruel and unannounced, that can't be the way. No more, I say.

I am sorry. I never meant to hurt, but I did. Somewhere, within, I feel, we weren't supposed to be the way we were with each other. We loved, that's all we did. I am sure we did, somewhere deep within, but it got all overshadowed. This time when I meet, I will give you the strangest hug, that will clear out all that was never said, and all that I want to say right now.