Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Flight, Frankfurters, Jet Lag, & First Day In America

After an 25 hour excruciating flight from Hyd-Frankfurt-Detroit, we finally reached Ann Arbor. The flight from Hyd was not so much of a pain as the FRK-DET flight. The latter was long, boring, & during the day. To avoid bad jet lag I even avoided alcohol & sleep during the flight. Kept myself to loads of water & all the movies that Lufthansa carefully (pun intended) chose for its passengers. I watched almost all of them, even a Hindi movie, never heard of before with actors not known, called Jasna. The frankfurt airport was boring, as it did not have a lot to do, I sure ate Frankfurters there. Though they were a bit of a disappointment too. Everything was so costly that we stuck to eating & drinking only. I am planning to buy some souvenirs on my way back, as Germany unlike some countries does have a lot of history for cool souvenirs.

Reaching Ann Arbor was a relief. The hotel was good, the weather better. My first day passed by pretty easy & quickly in A2. After shifting from the hotel to the apartment (which is really cute), I went to our Google office. After a whole lot of meeting & greeting & gift sharing, I was finally at my desk. After that the day went past with me sleep-walking in it. I just realized how bad the Jet lag had gotten me. Inspite of all the work & lag, I did not fail to notice how awesomely beautiful the city is. The leaves are all colors & have started falling as winter sets in. Infact, it is not so cold as it is expected to be around this time of the year. They are having something what they call the Indian Summer, where the temperature drops after a couple of warm days. I am sure they would stop calling it that once they actually experience the India summer. Afterthought, it might be the native america 'indian' they might be referring to.

In the night, our team went out for a typically American pastime, which involves Chicken Wings loads of them, A tall glass of beer, & a game of trivia. It's a game where most obscure questions are asked about American history, current issues, sports, etc. I would have loved the evening better had I been a little less jet-lagged & tired. I was so down to the dumps that I even forgot to take pictures of the nice bar that we went to or even the name of the place.

People at work are awesome & really helpful. They were psyched about the gifts we got them. Pata paintings from Orissa. The office is really bright & cozy. The town even more cozier. I hope to explore more of it soon.

P.S - Would follow up with pics on later posts.


Potato said...

so what questions did they ask...i mean trivia wise

wasted said...

do you really think I will remember them? Especially in the Jet lag state I was in?