Monday, April 27, 2009

Missed My Train :(

I have this recurring dream (though I see it in very long intervals of months or even years) where I miss a train in a particular station which is quite close by my hometown, usually it is Champa (a small town in Chattisgarh which sells very good samosaas, btw) some other times it is Jharsugda (another very small town in Orrissa, we relish the Chenapura from there).

It always happens the very same way in my dream, while my train is entering the station I think to myself that ok this is a station with a comparatively longer stopage but not long enough that I go out of the station to buy some wierd stuff or meet friends living in the city or I will miss the train. I also suddenly see sequences where I am interacting with my fellow passengers to whom I have been aloof all this while. The train finally stops, I get down, and straight walk out of the station, outside I am either in my old school, or college hostel, or any place which could not logically have been there. By the time I am back at the station, I can see the tail of the train smoothly gliding from the far end of the station. Sometime, I even run behind it and only once have I been able to catch it. Last night, in the dream, I asked an auto wala to take me to a nearest station so that I can catch the train there and we had an adventurous journey till the next station and I am able to catch the train. 

Another, recurrent dream is I am in a place where the airport and the railway station are next to each other and I always go to the railway station thinking it to be the airport and this sentry has to direct me back to the right place. On reaching the airport, I always have lost my flight ticket and have to go to this glass counter where I need to talk to the concerned guy and convince him to give me a new copy of the same ticket looking for my name in their database. Having done that, I manage to just reach on time and then I dream of different things while I am in the aircraft. 

Actually, come to think of it since childhood I have had a couple of such dreams which I keep coming back to time and again. I really really wish I could have their interpretations sometime.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planted My Plants :)

In my last post I had mentioned about the initiatives our office took and is planning on taking on/for Earth day. As part of one of those initiatives indoor plants were distributed to all those who wanted them. Since, very few people showed interest, instead of one I got three plants to take home with me :)Since, all this was in the middle of the week, I did not get the time to buy pots and had to keep them in the mud sack they came in for almost two days. 

Saturday came in with a beautiful weather and a brother who kept calling and did not let me sleep in the afternoon arrrgh. With nothing much to do, I went out to buy pots for my pretty plants and got three prettiest pots possible (those ceramic ones, with very bright paintings on them). Then went to this street-side nursery to buy mud to fill the pots with...the auto guy was really really nice and helped me unload and carry the mud filled heavy pots to my apartment and did not even ask for extra money for all the waiting and carrying. In my house with the beautiful pots, I did all the cleaning, digging, and planting. It was quite a task to not harm the plants while taking them out of their sacks. I cleant and watered the plants and the pot and placed them in three corners in my living room. The fresh wet green of the plant and the shiny blue, brown, yellow paints of the ceramic make my whole room look so neat and lively. I love it.

Since the time, I planted them - me and my roommate have been oggling at the plants and trying to see if we need to water them or shift them here and there :)We almost are getting too attached to them in just two days. So, for anyone who needs a very nice hobby and wants to make their living room a little more pretty -Go ahead buy some plants.

Would try and post some pics of them once they grow a little. Till then, I shall have the fun of watching them grow and taking care of them, yay!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Today is the Earth day and I think it is a nice time for each one of us to remind ourselves of terms like... renewable energy, planting trees, recycling stuff, optimal usage of natural resources and all.

Exactly two weeks back, our office in anticipation of today and its corporate social responsibility, asked us to submit ideas that we could come up with which we could use during this one week we decided to contribute to our environment. I usually am the last person in our office to submit and contribute towards any office activities...and I know it is nothing to be proud of. Yet, for a change I thought of submitting this idea that I feel very strongly for and about which I have been thinking for a while now - Reducing usage of or Removing Plastic Bags from our lives. 

After submitting this idea, I finally launched on my personal war against plastic bags, and amazingly enough I have not used them for exactly two weeks today. Though let me admit upfront that I was really really bad when it came to polluting earth with plastics. So, two weeks does seem a big deal. There are some problems that I am still looking solutions for some very genuine problems that I would face very soon. Like how do I buy pulses and rice and stuff like that if I am buying them from the supermarket. They usually come in packaged plastic bags. Also, how do I keep vegetables in the fridge. I usually used to buy them from the veg kiosks in plastic bags and stuff them directly in the fridge. I have heard about some plastic boxes but the whole idea seems cumbersome. 

I think the whole idea behind this post was to just make the presence felt of newbies in this field and give some comfort if at all any to those who are scared of taking the first step. I just wanted to say it loud that I am 26 and I have only taken my very first step towards making earth a cleaner and better place. Hope I  learn more as I venture forth. 

P.S. - Would love more ideas on how I could carry forth my mission against plastic bags further.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it too late or early?

Is it too late my luv?
to write...
to write all that I lived for

the count never stops
am I late for the only thing
that was supposed to be me?

A new life,
with all its new ways

Yet I stay 
the very same way.
Still & silent.

The empty road
leads back to my house
just the way the other crowded one.

Is it a game?
I play to pass my time?
or is it nothing at all?

No longer 
I pretend
to be happy
and young.

I wish 
I live 
and love
till I die.