Wednesday, January 20, 2010

है बातों में दम? (A Google Contest)

Sharing your thoughts in Hindi on the web has never been easier! Google and bring you the 'Hai Baaton Mein Dum?' Contest. If you've ever wished that there was more great Hindi content online, here's your chance to spill your heart out about the things that matter the most to you: entertainment, sports, travel, health and politics. Brick by brick, you'll be building the web in Hindi, sharing your knowledge of these topics and showing your flair for this beautiful language. 

So, go ahead and visit the 'Hai Baaton Mein Dum?' Contest Site and click the 'Submit your entry' button next to the topic you want to write about. You stand to win some amazing prizes like laptops, gift vouchers and free internet subscriptions! There is no limit to the number of entries per contestant. Let your imagination run wild and spread the joy of sharing your thoughts in Hindi on the web! 

P.S - I took the liberty to copy the content from another friend blogger - Musings.
I did it coz I wanted to spread the word to all those who read my blog too, but she put it so well, I didn't bother writing about the contest in my own words. So, thanks Musings.

Fashion Fiesta...Or Not

I read somewhere that once in a while you should try doing things you are not so good at. I twisted it a bit & thought why not write a post about something that I am surely in awe of & something that always escapes my wardrobe & the way I end up looking at any time of the day/event/occasion - FASHION!

I grew up as a total tomboy, spent most of my non-school time with my brothers & their friends doing what guys play. Infact came adolescent & I even accompanied them to the the neighborhoods where the dainty divas of their respective hearts lived, about whom they pined & I listened attentively, even feigned sometimes. So, amidst playing football & getting soaked in the muck, & other such guy things, I grew up totally unaware of the one fact that had my girl-friends in frenzy. I remember them peering gleefully at magazines, figuring out in the not so great fashion magazines the dress they wanted to wear for our farewell or other socials in school. Though my home-town hardly provided you with all the brands & designs that the glossy magazines covered so well in the almost perfect model figures. My friends did what they could, ofcourse we did have great tailors with expertise in stitching whatever you asked of them. I always ended up in a stupid baggy jeans & a stupider T-shirt, which I ofcourse found really classy at that time. So, fashion was something which did not enter my dictionary till I got ticked off many a times during my +2 by my more dazzling class-mates, who hated the very earth I walked on, leave apart the clothes I wore. Even my own sister sometimes, disowned me in social gatherings, making a not so pretty face with her otherwise heavenly face, pleading me to borrow something from her wardrobe. My mom & dad had a great time during all this, I never complained on what they bought me for birthdays, & other occasions for which they thought a new dress was necessary. Infact, I gave them complete control, as I never accompanied them while they shopped for me. I was far too happy to be left alone from the heap of clothes from which I was supposed to choose one.

Came college & I was still stuck to my jeans & t-shirts. I was sent to Pune & ofcourse having the privilege of being a city close by to Mumbai, it had all its girls look so perfect. I remember the day I shifted from my local guardians house to my college hostel. My room-mates willingly came out to help me with my luggage, but all I had, I had carried it all to the room with me - a suitcase & a typical bedding role (whatever it was called). Their surprise was something I enjoyed watching :)
I almost passed the three years in Pune without many people bothering to correct me in my dressing, except for the few occasions where I got a crash course in one of the night dorms. My girl-friends adored me for the small-town things I had in me & a great friend that I always had been (brags), & the rest of the times were taken care of by books, I had discovered them right then, life was utopia for me. So many of my class-mates ignored me taking me to be some sort of a wanna be nerd or something, since I didn't really look the part, no overly sticky hair, no glasses, just the out of trend clothes...but I managed to keep a low-profile in their eyes.

Years passed post-grad happened naturally the baggy was replaced by straight-fit but yet not low-waist, the loose & over-sized t shirts got shorter & fit me. With some help of close-friends & my ex-roomie, I did manage to gather a few nice looking stuff, but yet, I failed the course majorly when it came to doing your hair, make-up, & the rest. Ofcourse work happened, the clothes got a bit better, I discovered kohl, face powder, gloss & what not, but the hair still remains limp & hung back, face still a nude. Ofcourse, my heart skips a beat when I see girls around me in office with perfectly ironed trendy clothes, out of the world pointy shoes, perfectly done face....& I wonder why couldn't I be as perfect as them for even a day?Sigh...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hum to samjhe the ki bhool hum gaye hain unko...kya hua aaj, ye kis baat pe rona aaya....kis liye jite hain hum kis  ke liye jite hain, barha aise sawalat pe rona...kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe rona aaya ...kaun rota hai kisi aaur ke khatir ai dost, ba to apni hi kisi baat pe rona aaya