Sunday, March 08, 2009

Things I wish to Learn/Do

I have been wanting to learn/do a few things for sometime now. It is funny how when I had all the time while I was studying I never took any initiative to do any of those. Now, when I am working and five days of the week passes in front of the laptop, I so so want to learn/do one or all of the things. Most of this wish list is to do with my trying to indulge and enhance my artistic self. Just to list a few of them,

1. I want to learn how to sing well.
2. I want to learn the guitar. (sadly, I even own a guitar from the past three years and still have not managed to learn it)
3. I want to join Yoga.
4. I want to learn how to sketch. (I tried learning from sketch books at home and was not really bad, but stopped)
5. I want to learn how to read and write Bangla. (I can manage to speak with a lot of mistakes here and there)
6. All my life now I have been wanting to read and write I think that goes without saying.
7.  I want to do a huge glass painting.
8. I want to learn harmonium.
9. I want to re-work on my MA dissertation.
10. I want to make a short film, howmuch ever amateurish it end up becoming.
11. I want to work with an orphange as a vocation.  

I think, I need to just start on a few. For the first one, I will need to ask UG to give me the phone number of the lady who takes singing classes and talk to her to fix the class dates. To learn Bangla I think I should ask KT or the Meister to help me as they are available at all odd hours. Even, I could talk to the Meister and have this F2F (friend to friend) classes where I teach him Hindi and he can teach me bangla. For guitar, I guess someone who knows any guitar teacher in Hyd could pass me the number. 

I got two of my small glass paintings framed and they look beautiful, so I think that will motivate me to do a bigger one now. I have to figure where my MA dissertation is and then could perhaps start revising it chapter by chapter, may be even talk to my previous guide :)

I could do so many things, just that I need to start somewhere. I think I need more people like the Meister around me, who go follow their heart and instincts and get things done, I think that will motivate me. 

Just to let all those who read this - This is my 100th post!

Considering, I have been blogging for over two years now, that looks pretty bad, doesn't it?


shock said...!!!!

the meister is game for the linguistic swap

wasted said...

Yah, I am game for that. Though I am not sure how to teach hindi to you.

Pesto Sauce said...

True.....there were many things which I should have pursued in my student days, which I am trying to find time for now, when I am occupied 5 days of week!!!
Guess happens with everyone

ticktalks said...

I think self-help group for animals should be an entry on all such lists that are sincere in intent. They are the ones who need all the support and help and can never ask for it.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

You've been tagged :)

Bored at Work said...

Hey loved your blog.............chanced on it as I was trying to get onto this world to kill what else but boredom at work and started a blog "Bored at Work" And hey 100th Post wow!! I think thats cool ...well me i am going to learn dancing and yes hopefully do something for street children besides being moody and only living it in my dreams ..........somewhere i read one of your posts about makebelieving your dreams...........hey i do that all the time..........i live a situation in my mind and completely have conversations in my mind and everything else and by the time i finish it it actually becomes more real than Real-Got me into a lot of trouble............take care

wasted said...

hey thanks for your comment. I am not able to go to your blog, would be nice if you dropped in your URL.

Hamsini said...

100!! Congrats.. always a good number to talk of.

wanda1234 said...

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