Thursday, February 19, 2009

This One too is for my Cab mate...

I Do sound as if I have ahuge fan following and I am some popular writer. But couldn't get a better title.
This Post is also for all those who are disgusted by the word "feminism".
This way I am also letting you deceide whether you want to read this or not...
This is a lilttle bit of information on about what feminism is not
1. Feminism to start with is not all/only about women out with lathis on the road, bashing up men at every opprtunity.
2. Feminism is also not exclusive of housewives and women who are introvert, non-modern rather traditional.
3. Feminism is also not only about women smoking and drinking.
4. Feminism is not just about "bra burning"
5. Feminism is not synonymous to not understanding things and making an issue out of it all the time.
6. Feminism is not inconsiderate.

and perhaps Feminism should not be a thing of the upper class/ caste women.

Feminism is a better way of living for women!

This and much much more human is feminism!

hope it helps all those who misunderstand it and me too.



Anonymous said...

All I see is an innocent indoctrinated beyond awareness. It is just another cog in the wheel of relaxed coffee table ism. That's what it is. What could, after all, a now relatively liberated woman do for poor girls beaten in Mangalore? It is, and will be, limited to high profile appearances in talk shows and commentaries on television.

wasted said...

@anonymous - first off my pea-size intellect fails to understand the statement "All I see is an innocent indoctrinated beyond awareness." It would really help if you could explain that to me.

Second, I would like to bring your attention back to your sentence "What could, after all, a now relatively liberated woman do for poor girls beaten in Mangalore?" If you notice you agree to the fact that there is a part/section of women in India which is 'relatively liberated.' In this context, I would say that that the talk shows and the relaxed coffee table -ism has done a bit of what it intended to do.

Just a small clarification - feminism is not only about Women reaching out to help other women, but it is conscience which needs to be developed in both men and women alike.

I could go on and on about this. But I think to an already biased mind like will be a futile task to take

The Bright one said...

I usually suffer from the hyperkinetic syndrome while reading blogs. However, being a part of the group which 'misunderstands' feminism, I felt this was a pretty good post which actually made me ponder for a while. At least, she doesn't sound like a pseudo-feminist.

And then I realized that I'm better being an anti-feminist. :P

We could go on and on about this in the cab ...can't we ?

Anonymous said...

Well, if that intellect was not pea-sized you would not be what you think you are and that is someone who is furthering the cause or holding the mantle. The world is not unaware of innocents gifted with a pea being drilled with something that is far from truth.

The pea comes in play again by actually believing that there is actually a woman around who is 'relatively liberated' when, in fact, the claw for this false pretentious 'movement', if you will, just begins where shackles of an imbalanced society end. I think those who are still remote from this farce are much better off than this so called liberated ones. They are not in any misconceptions about the hell they are in. Nobody is disputing that the society is imbalanced but that doesn't explain this horrendously self-indulgent statue of liberty and its self-appeasing sense of being the righteous one.

We now come to the conscience doctors who themselves are so grossly mistaken at the root level about who they actually are. These coffee sippers who are comprehensively high on this self proclaimed nectar-of-freedom trip actually need to take a deep hard look on what they have ever done for a woman in need except seeing themselves as a heroine rising to the occasion and broadcasting themselves in the said role. The split hair syndrome is not just at the one end of the hair. The other end is just as engrossed by it.

Learning some fat words and wearing some worn out phrases on your sleeve does not mean that you are what you believe you are. The real issue lies out there and the latest opportunity to show a solidarity was the biggest inside out of the hollowness that is fast seeping in the very psyche of the 'relatively liberated' woman.

Once again, failing to see the point of discussion and going out with a horse blinder approach really shows where the bias lies and what heads do the narrow minds actually spurt in.

Anonymous said...

I am really sad at seeing a false, pretentious, and terribly misguided psyche at every turn, at every instance when I think that, at last, there will be a woman/man who actually nails the problem. All I see are hollow, shallow self-elevating individuals who just want to be the spokespersons, mostly by the virtue of belonging to a particular sex.

It doesn't matter how hard it might be to swallow but the truth remains that capability, intelligence, empathy and the will to trigger a change has nothing to do with what chromosomes you were born with.

If you think being a woman makes every word or silly logic of yours worthwhile it is just really sad for what it is worth and it terribly disappoints me. I think facing 'creating a chaos', and like, arguments has irreparably damaged any potential or hope that the idea of a balanced society might have brought to people, including me.

Its gone to dogs. Wake up and smell the coffee for what its worth's sake! Cheers ;)

wasted said...

I think you are really oppressed yourself and obsessed with coffee.

I fail to see, how making an argument that is personally mine and in all ways relates mostly to me hurts anyone?

Also, I think you need to just step out of the box you think in and just try and see other POVs. I accept and agree there are things to be done and without knowing the first thing about me, you are accusing me of having done nothing for a 'woman in need.' I think it would be a good start for you to fist ask questions rather than assuming and putting everyone in the same never know a pea-size brain girl could have done something good for the cause that she believes in.

Anonymous said...

What I wrote was eaten up by blogger so I will try to recollect what it was.

Wow. I see that of all the other things that these posts have talked about you got the most important one - coffee.

It just amuses me to see how an elaborate sketch of what the whole thing is all about it suddenly becomes all 'personally mine' and 'in all ways relates mostly to me'. Where did the benefactory professor go who for the good of lesser mortals was telling all and sundry what the thing actually is?

Hurting, you will be sad to know, has got more to it than you. It is an accumulation of all the hopelessness that this prescription feminism has brought to the dream of a balanced society. I have had many encounters and discussions with many of the brand ambassadors of this product. Every time the worn out term came out of someone's mouth I got some hope. A hope that at least this time it will be more than the capsule baton passed on. Everytime someone spoke of their version of 'difference' and blah blah that is needed, he/she turned out to be just another ant up the behind of the one who was there before, leaving the same stupid stench behind for the others to follow.

I think it is fitted for women waiting for something to come out of this overinflation to go back to the hell they were in and forget about the day when there won't be a special section saying 'women's rights' in the topmost book. They should give up all hope too as their sisters who they thought were up for the cause are busy juggling their tongues and that only. The term 'sisters' brings to mind the men who supposedly have awakened too but only to the same capsule of thought the sisters are distributing. Hell, how can they expect not to follow the lead of the 'oppressed'? The approval, of course, is necessary. It is that my way or the highway thing they have in films.

If it can happen in pubs of all places and the life is still tongue wagging only, what the devil is some soul who is aspiring of a degree college education in a small town can dream of. Something like this taking a stroll in the meccah of 'women's liberation' in a city can only be imagined to inspire millions of small town goons and send shivers down the spine of those who actually want to go to college instead of pubs.

It is also funny as someone who has, in the course of this debate, contributed only with good old MCPs, biases, obsessions and narrow-mindedness talks about 'out-of-the-box' and point of views. They are all pretty OOTB POVs, eh? :) I forgot to mention the everyone-in-the-same-bracket thing. I think by using these, and only such, arguments you have not done that thing at all, have you?

You, by the way, have illustrated brilliantly what I meant by heroine rising to the occasion thing by commending yourself for what you say you did.

Well, it turned out to be quite different from what blogger ate up.

wasted said...

I got bored after three sentences of yours...sorry really. Would try read it again later.

Anonymous said...

Sure. You can go back to that ignorant little world of yours where you are so 'popular' and every word of yours is an authority. Somewhere where no one will challenge your hollow thoughts and everyone will be gaga over the sweet little goddess of a shoddy faith. No courage, no guts, and that to discuss what you so enjoyably please yourself to be good at.

You were wondering where my disappointments come from? Sad.

wasted said...

hey, know what discussions can happen with people who prefer to talk and reason things out...but in your anger over god only knows would be an useless attempt. So, I would pass that.

About living in your own pretty worlds...I won't be a hypocrite and say it to who wants to listen I love it for what it is and I love to live there. So, sorry for you if you don't have one.

Anonymous said...

Who is angry? I don't think in your quest for fat words and alternately fed ideologies you have ever come across people who actually let some anger out on you. Reasoning, if we go over what's been written so far, can be found somewhere and can not be at other places. It would be only fair to assess that with an 'open mind', I would say.
Who said anything about 'pretty worlds'. I said 'ignorant little world' and that's not your dollhouse time, or otherwise, that I am talking about here. This world is made as much by those, who as far is visible, have not generated any food for thought for you, and have kept themselves busy in hurling 'that was brilliant's to you. They will never come back and sit across because, hey, blog is for relaxing and feeling good, right. You do that for me and I'll do it for you.

There was, anyhow, no calling names. Who knows how it is defined by your grand faculty of reason anyway?

Open up, girl. Relax. This is not kindergarten. "Say what you have to to me. Don't talk about..." :)

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