Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Weekend Is Over :(

Sometimes, it is so sad to end a weekend full of activities shared with family and friends, that I almost feel like crying when it is sunday evening and everyone packs up to leave for their own destinations/homes. Today, while walking back home from KT's house, after seeing off my brother, his wife, my cute niece, and a friend in the auto, I felt an accute sense of I am not going to meet them for a long time to come. When the truth is I would be meeting them again in similar set ups in a week's time. But just the thought that now we would all get busy with work and our own fucked up lives, fills me with such sadness that I feel like living my life just the way the weekend had passed. 

I wonder, what is better - a weekend where I entertain myself alone in the comfort of my home, books and, homely chores or meeting these people I love and love to spend my time with? At the end of the latter, I almost have this fatal desire to quit my job and settle for a life which is less complicated, where I do not need to get up early in the morning to get ready for work, and don't need to think about the insane things that life is. 

I hate this habit in me where I become nostalgic almost immediately after something I enjoy has happened/passed. I have this rising empty feeling at the pit of my tummy which ends up with a choking of emotions in my throat. As of now, with the weekend as a wonderful thing of the past, I feel miserable and lonely. I wish the month was a string of weekends where I lived happily ever after with people I love :O


shock said...

don't know what to comment...sensitive issues...the Meister does not do sensitive issues anymore

wasted said...

hmm...I know but by not 'doing' sensitive issues, you cannot just erase their existence altogether naa...wish we could do that.

wanda1234 said...

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