Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Been Busy

I have been really busy for the past two weeks. So much so that the whole of this week I have gone back home around 9 or 10 pm everyday and for the rest of the days in the week, I don't think its going to be any different.

That was my reason for not posting anything for this long. The day, I made my last post, I went to Puri for a 4-5 days fun trip. Had a great time there. Have been wanting to post about it for sometime, but then again was either too tied up with work or very tired. Now, the experience seems so long back that it feels I would do injustice if I write about it now.

I don't really know why I am making this no-sense post, not that any of you is really interested in knowing the why's in my life. I think, I am just trying to overcome the guilt of not having written anything for a long time. 

February, was very much all about work and the trip to Puri. I just managed to read one book. Did not even open another, inspite of the huge plans I had for reading...for which I even got a Shelfari cupboard of books.

bye bye to busy february and welcome to a hopeful march for more fun times.


shock said...

and that's number 99!!!

wasted said...

yup it is...such a slow walk to the 100th I feel


well sometimes writing it down helps to come out of the guilt feeling...seems leke eveerybody had a busy feb...i hope it march will be good to you.

wasted said...


wanda1234 said...

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