Friday, February 06, 2009

25 random things about me :O

I have been tagged by UG...I had requested her to tag me ;). But now I find it difficiult to sit and jot down 25 things and on top random about me. So, here goes.

1. I can't speak over the phone for more than umm 10 mints (exaggerating) or I feel like shitting.
2. I hav a very bad virtual persona...or so I have been told cause I do not show any warthm while chatting.
3. I get way too excited in a library or a large room full of books. So, much so that everytime I enter one, the mission of going through books gets aborted shortly as I feel the need to shit.
4. I am painfully and brutally honest with people I love. 
5. I cannot shop for more than 30 minutes at a strech...get bored.
6. I have this nack of categorizing people by saying "s/he is a good person at heart, you can just see it in their eyes or feel it" as against "s/he is not a nice person."
7. I get along with guys better as I have grown up with my male cousins. Infact, I am scared of a bunch of girls together.  Awfully scared of their mood swings and emotions. As being a girl, I know I can be very moody. 
8. I respect and admire people who are themselves.
9. I am a disbeliever of allopathy and homeopathy. I think they just give us momentary relief but do not cure the root of the problem. 
10. I have a very high threshhold for pain and endurance.
11. I get very embarrased when after a fight or argument or a fall out people come and say sorry to me. I  just cannot handle the situation, as I feel very guilty to make people say sorry to me. I know it is wierd but my eyes well up :O
12. I have very ugly feet. I have this lonnnng toe next to my thumb which stands out like the Tall Man in a circus. Some of friends have suggested just chopping it off.
13. I am usually very brave, but I am shit scared of needles and all things that poke. This is one reason I am scared of donating blood (though I have done thrice) and tattoos(though I dislike it for other reasons more sane.)
14. I get sexually attracted to men (of other more serious things) who are tall, sensitive, who can cook, and who read. Though sometimes I just fall for men just opposite.
15. I cannot tolerate loud sound....whatever then it may be, it turns noise to my it then music, voices, pubs, and other stuff. This is one reason, I inevitably do not even try to get along with people who are loud(in every sense of the word.)
16. I love homemade food in contrary to eating out. Infact, I love everything that says 'home' to me than 'outside.' Be it then going out, thinking about other people, etc. I love being at home, thinking rather than questioning, talking and reasoning with myself....I know it is narcissistic and I love it.
17. My fav color is Yellow! 
18. I love getting attention and I am quite open about it in front of people I can demand attention as my right. Infact, most of my testimonials in Orkut talk about how "I love being loved and always end up being loved."
19. I would die without my family and especially without my brothers. Infact, they are the only support system I have. Anytime I feel dejected, just thinking about HOW MUCH they love me makes me smile. This is one of the ways, I deal with the way people relate to each other in urban spaces. (I know many of my friends hate it when I say Urban in this alienating manner)
20. Offlate, I have become kindda snobbish in ignoring people who 'do not fit the bill for me.' And I do not feel guilty or bad about it, as I rationalize it by saying I should spend time with people I want, rather otherwise. Also, I think this does not make me less tolerant.
21. I am pretty bad at remembering names. Also, I forget names at most crucial points, this one time in the middle of a Q & A I forgot the name of my co-presenter and she happens to be my dearest and most cherished friend in Hyd. But she was very nice to me and gave me her name with a straight face :)
22. I have this habit of re-creating my dreams once I remember one after waking up. I get so involved with it that I end up  coming up with many ways the dream could end and I get all confused. 
23. I have this habit of giving away anything that I think would not be used in the next 10-15 days. Atleast, this is how KT puts it.
24. I wish to write a book one day and it is going to all about Raigarh (my hometown and the haven for me) and all that I relate to the place.
25. As a test or sacrifice to my friendship and love, I ask people who love me to quit eating Kachori, cause I believe that it enduces headache :)
This is my first tag in the past four years or so that I have been blogging and I enjoyed the whole experience thanks to UG!

Yay! now I get to tag others what fun.  So, here people I tag thee- Meister, Myriadmind, Serendipiduous, UglyGirl(as you said I needed to tag the one who tagged me), TickTalks :) Have fun guys. I know most of you would just defame me by not bothering to do this.


boomshak said...

Anyone who can actually put to words, and manage to list, 25 things about him/her is a superhuman.

wasted said...


So finally you crack this fact about me :)

shock said...

I also feel more comfortable with guys than girls!!!

The old me would have said something about your bowels, but the new me refuses to...

You have shown enough kindness and warmth while chatting with me, however it is true that you don't usually show 'warthm'

wasted said...

hahha thanks B'shock. Also, i really wish I could find out what your old witty self would have said about my bowels....something really funny I am sure....plz plz could you write it over chat atleast

boomshak said...

superhuman prowess of self indulgence you fool... now do the juggernaut laugh...

go solve the puzzle created for you...

wasted said...

huh...just cause you are scared that if you sit down to jot 25 things about will come about some truths heahahhawhhhehahawwww

Also, saw the puzzle...will do it when office wale permit me with less work naa

boomshak said...

some truths...? if i think about writing something like that i would have to write the 25th one as "I loved death the most in my life".

meaning it will take so long.

serendipiduous said...

i could add a a thing or two to that...
26) you are a greedy pig who has no respect for her digestive system and pushes it to unbelievable limits...

wasted said...

haw...that is so not true in a generic is true for Kolkata street food, your mother's yummm home cooked food, and kharda's spicy phuchkas

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