Friday, March 31, 2006

ok this is dedicated to the new art of CCp'ying that i recently learnt.

bunny: wat were u doing/
Arunlekha Sengupta: lenguptaooking at cartoons
bunny: k
Arunlekha Sengupta: will also do a pp presentation i think
bunny: me too at magazines
Arunlekha Sengupta: so we will need a projector on thursday
Arunlekha Sengupta: should tell rekha
bunny: yah
bunny: i think m slowly catching up with ur talents of ccpy'ing
Arunlekha Sengupta: GOOD DTUFF
bunny: (there was a smiley here don know why it didn't come here)
bunny: yah sure
bunny: all bows to the Goddess of CCp who finally showered her blessings on me
Arunlekha Sengupta: hmmmmm
Arunlekha Sengupta: may you not have to use even a word of your own
bunny: i have succeeded in cpying 1 page
bunny: with your blessings i tread on this path
Arunlekha Sengupta:
Arunlekha Sengupta: aashirwaad

p.s- so this what we do, we chat with each other, we meet n so talk again, we write scraps each other in orkut so we end up talking again, we comment on each others blogs so cannot avoid entering a discussion again, we at times fight for each other in other people's blogs, and at times like these we end up posting our conversations do we bore anybody???????


uglygirl said...

even i will do this

serendipiduous said...

ooof baba yeh le tera comment...happy!!!

wasted said...

yah :)

medusa said...

ok, in true medusa style..... :-)

mizfit said...

i feel as if i am running from one movie hall to another just to discover that the same actors are actin in all the movies--UG, SERENDIPIDUOUS AND NOW U TOO!!!! AARGGGHHH!!!

wasted said...

to correct you there mizfit, it was me Ug and then big mouth...

serendipiduous said...

hey*lamely*mine was a scrap book thingy...

myriadmind said...

no comments

wasted said...

why 'lamely'?

serendipiduous said...

new post new post...

wanda1234 said...

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