Friday, March 10, 2006

its rains and destiny for me...

barish ki us shaam
jab chataa pakde
wah ladki
kar rahi hai par sadak
tab us samay
mein bhool rahi hun
apna paitrik ghar
yaad karte hue use
chote chote ghadon mein
chote chote dukhon ki tarah
bhar gaya hai pani...

ok sorry to all those who cannot read it, but I couldn't just resist writing it.ok will try translating it

in that rainy evening
when I see this girl
crossing the road
with an umbrella
I think
of my ancestral home
small sorrows
get collected
in small (earthen) pots
like drops of rain water...

now those who understand both the languages, is it close enough?


Siddharth said...

In a rain
She crosses the road
under an umbrella

I forget

A home
as small sorrows
collect in small pots
like raindrops of an evening

wasted said...

ok yours is better...

uglygirl said...

i love you run tun.
and i love that poem of yours frm the forst time i read it behind a book of yours.

wasted said...

thats so cute, i mean the names u've used. hahaha

Siddharth said...

the poem infact is good

wasted said...


serendipiduous said...

its more than close ...its better

uglygirl said...

i love you and am dying. aaaaaaaaagh!
what to do???

wanda1234 said...

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