Friday, May 14, 2010

Old Poem

It’s not the birth
But the death 
Of a person
That creates ripples
And you are left alone
To clear all the mess your life
has created around others
Who are living
And who might not
Want the cob web
Of your memories,
Your dreams,
And your life.
Life then perhaps seems nothing
But an empty
Age-old room
Of an old mansion,
the oldest family
In your town left
As a gift
to a dying town.


Teja Priyadarshini said...

Every feeling in this poem touches a deep cord in the heart! Well written.

Teja Priyadarshini said...
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Bradley Holton said...

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wasted said...

@ Teja - thanks a ton...& welcome back after a long time.

@ Bradley - is always a pleasure to find new readers & more so liking what you write in unexpected ways.

modassar said...

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