Monday, May 17, 2010


plums all around
unicorns ride the sun
& the green asks the yellow for the moon.

embroidered pieces of heart
fly across the ocean
& the red sneaks a kiss from the blue.

patterns on the floor
swim over a sleepy face
& the white smirks at the black.

rosaries on thin fingers
turns & twists in cubes 
& the purple escapes the charade of the pink.

drums beat in a frenzy
legs across the verandah
& the ocre spills over the blue...


Mea Culpa said...

Love the way you've brought the colors to life!

Teja Priyadarshini said...

I am awestruck at the randomness of thoughts put so beautifully together. The poem made me reach out of my mundane life to something else. Made me wanna dream.

wasted said...

@Mea Culpa - you are always so nice to my writing :)

@ Teja - it made me reach out of my mundane life too writing it...

rnd technologies said...

Your view is too good.