Friday, February 02, 2007

Shamuka...the only kid I relate to as a daughter

My Girl,
the world you live in
will not be as bad as mine

You will not've to
scream your lungs out
to let people know
pains, a lot of them
and fights, your mother fought
just to give you the Life
you deserve.

By then, I would have lost my voice
making them learn to listen.

You would not've to
beg and plead in delirium
to make people understand
you as a woman
who suffers at every crossroad.

By then, I would have trained
a mile of people who understand a woman.

But, still I cannot promise you
My Girl,
that I 'll be able to reduce your woman-pain,
Yet I promise you this much sweet love
YOU, would not've to
bare your body stark naked
up for a public display,
to satisfy them of the age-old scars
that only this body has suffered.

Till then, I bleed
every drop in me,
like drops of dew from the early winter morning
and I will try to make the world
a much better place for you to live in...

P.S. - I know this poem isn't aesthetically good, rather it can't be called a poem perhaps, still it serves some of my purpose.


Amalendu said...

A lovely poem... let your wishes come true for Shamuka.... At the least, I wish, you make me learn to understand a woman.
You know dear, while reading this poem I remebered a poem by Saheer jee: "tere buchpan ko jawani ki dua detee hoon.. aur dua deke paresan si ho jatee hoon...

Chandan said...

Yeah, times are changing for good...its good to believe they are, even if they are not! and by the way, your blog is turning prettier n prettier, what with a beautiful picture accompanying each post... hmm very nice taste, i must say!

wasted said...

Thanks guys...and Amalendu bhaiya for you i can vouch you have understood us are a good man... timing dude, where were u all this while?

Chandan said...

I didn't go anywhere runa, i am just a phone call away! Howz the googling job there??

Anonymous said...

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Enzilis said...

''somethings are similar somewhere...''
You use words beautifully.
You make them speak to me
in ways I fail to express...

Aashaayen said...

bunny it is really unbelievable that u have wtitten but u can do this.not only this....may god bless u

wasted said...

thanks...asha ma

wanda1234 said...

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