Tuesday, March 13, 2007

About Nothingness


It is funny when you want to write but have no clue at all about what to write. On second thoughts I feel like scrubbing off the whole plan of writing. But then writing something is always better than nothing. A poem is always an easy and elusive way out. That ways I write something for the satisfaction of the half a reader audience that I have for my blog and always escape the torturous guilt of not writing something for long.

That being an explanation for a shitty post, I think now I can get away with anything worthless.

the only moon that shines
chisels its silhouette with the darkest coal
beneath I stand happy yet sad
to be alone
I do not sigh for the summer night
and try to feel
the crescent that evades
the balmy cool breeze
or perhaps not
yet childhood summer smells
all that is gone by
friends long forgotten
faces never drawn
call me by my kittens name
the mewing grows
and rekindles a spark
I let it smother away painlessly
yet the choking noise suffocates
the summer breeze
I try to think of my favorite river
and remember
it's been long I visited my mothers grave
the grass must have taken her in its lap
sung lullabies till she is asleep
and the moon must be shining as bright over her
as it is over me...

so it is a poem again :(


Maverick said...

nice!! good to see your words after a longtime... liked the way u have finished your poem.. very impressed with your last 5 lines... shows tat tho you r not bombastic beginner of a powm, but u improvise really well.. shud write more longer poems.. Good work, lady!

wasted said...

:)thanks yet again...no one spends as much time analysing my writing i guess

Amalendu said...

really nice...
I liked you remembering mother's grave,
may be Kelo and a few other places...
A month ago I did the same thing...
and will repeat again...

wasted said...

:) I do not need to say anything at all amalendu bhaiya...you have said it all

serendipiduous said...

muaaah .... poems are also the most spontaneous way of expression

bunny said...

arrey...after a long time premankur!!

Rajeev said...

Lovely blog missy!
nice poem.
keep writin.

Peace & Love

wanda1234 said...

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