Wednesday, January 03, 2007

About to crash…

Hold the waking up

Let it not announce

A new day

A new way

I live like a pale leaf

And I want to die the same way



And withered

I repeat the images

I repeat my words

I repeat my life

To live it from the beginning

This time promising

To love you better

Love you more

I make a clean start

Fresh like the red wound

And as I start to heel ahead

I fall into a pattern

I think for this hundredth time

The pattern is new

At least the colors

And I believe in the difference

I try to tenderly cultivate it

But I never was like you

And so I forget the beginning

And get lost in the whirlpool

Of thoughts, lives, and loves

I discover towards the end

That I have unwontedly

Lived the very same life

With the very same lies

So I sleep never to wake up

Into a new beginning

Into a new rehearsal

And try to keep company

The remembrances that

I left on the lonely sea shore

And a red rose dipped in acid…


uglygirl said...

i really liked it

wasted said...

thanks :)

Amalendu said...

loved it the way I love you....

wasted said...

awww thats so sweet of you...but next time you need to say sth more ind epth to what i ve written ok

Siddharth said...

you know one thing...I have never written a better poem than this in English..

Anonymous said...

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wasted said...

tukun da,

I am so so so happy when u say that. However, the a line of yours lingers at the back of my head, at times "i am flattering". whatever it is, i m happy

Maverick said...

one of my personal favorites of all the writings on your blog.. u must send this to dream theater, they will be proud of wat u've written under their song title.. :)

wasted said...

hmm, thanks! and i guess your liking and appreciating the poem is good enough for me, the big fan of DT.

Anonymous said...

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Martina said...

Hey Runa
Really liked this poem :)
there is a certain rise and flow
and its nicely put forth

wasted said...

hey martina...when did u start reading my blog?

thanks for your comment :)

Anonymous said...

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