Friday, November 03, 2006

Of Death and its Demons...

mad disgust
crazy awakenings
the cruel cycle bell
and another man
discharges his lust
hushed, muffled voices
and then
finally a scream
men with moustaches
and women with lathis
debate and hate
over the pain-painted body
writhing like a snake on the ground
before the conclusion
the woman-heart stops beating
silence for a while
men lower their moustaches
women their lathis
they silently discuss
who won, and who lost
between a young boy
let us call him the Son
quietly lowers the body in
a filthy garbage bag
hauls it to the dead end
of the shadowless basti
burns it amidst nilgiri leaves
breathes in the fumes and the last ugliness
of an announced death...


uglygirl said...

very picturesque!
very easy to conjure up not only images but also emotions

serendipiduous said...

am disturbed....and thank u for that ...

wasted said...


wasted said...

A friend of mine wrote this after reading the post, I thought it was damn cute of him...and so posting it here.

just read what she wrote
inspiring note by note..
intense and angry she seemed
to write something so neo, indeed

not a hint of pessimism
but a flavour of feminism
one thing i know she's always on focus
to describe the thought of a carcus

i think she might find this funny
but this is my first, hey bunny
to get to read something so social
true, hidden, covered, archival.
i like the style, the flow
and these lines should make you glow
and i would say one day
the world will have to bow.

Time Killer said...

Of you intended to move people, you have succeeded. Nice one.

wasted said...

meaning what, if the intention was not of moving people, then the poem fails, is it?

By the way did not intend to move anybody, just wrote something that I felt was true.

Amalendu said...

lovely write....
I thought it would be 'of death and other demons'...but quite likely death is not a demon here, rathe an innocent victim....

wasted said...

quite true, actually

wanda1234 said...

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