Sunday, November 26, 2006

Killing and Dying are the same at times...


No more have stories

That you do not know

And so

Nothing in me I have

That interests you

And I cannot hold you back.

Will you smile if I got back the river, that

Flew away from our steps

Or will the stories already told

keep you at bay?

I ask

Will you stay?

The morning is so empty

No rustling bed sheets

No early morning dew on the glass window

Nothing only reasons for me

Get consumed in your absence

I wish

You would be back

With all that is so full of you

And as you lay your head

On the nights cold pillow

I would remember this time

To put winter under your sleep

So that it covers your body

And consumes you

You will then be a

Cold dead body

With nothing so life like about you

And I who has suffered long

Will mock at your purple cadaver

I wish

You come back…


wasted said...

Now that people are asking me this. the questions atrikes and stands out...
Who did I write this for?
Who do i want to kill?
Perhaps I wrote it for myself...
But I didn't think about killing myself, i just thought about the imagery I believe...anyways i hope I answered a few questions there...

Anonymous said...

well Bunny...

first things first...good write...have always admired ur creative doubt about that...keep it up!

will be glad if the focus of the topics change to something "bright and beautiful"...seriously yaar...done with too much of pessimism in life...but guess that's how life is!

well now i understand what someone meant when he wrote "fascination for death" in your orkut testimonial!

take u always...anweshadi

Chandan said...

very good word arrangement, buddy!

You have been yourself, talked what you feel like, lived in a way you thought was correct.

I love that attitude!

wasted said...

yah i know...I think i really need to do that, not for the fear of anything else but for the simple reason that it will get boring and monotonous after a point...whats ay you?

wasted said...

hey thanks Chandan, after a bloody long time haan?

Amalendu said...

such a lovely poem....
keep writing like that...
love you....

wasted said...

Hey thanks amalendu bhaiya...and such a late that anyways...

Siddharth said...

very good writing, but re-write, rather inculcate a tendency to re-write your seem to leave it to destiny

wasted said...

true enough...with time I am getting into the habit of impulsive writing, which isn't a good idea for someone like me or anyone I guess