Friday, November 18, 2005


Wow! It worked. The day had been good till now had this persistent problem not happened yet again. Anyways let me just avoid that this happened. Ok wanted to write about this funny thing that happened today, I was teasing this friend of mine who could not watch the new release of Harry Potter today and she gave me this clich├ęd argument about having read the book. So just to answer her I gave her this matter of fact lecture on how the cinema has this angle or the point of view of the director which is not there in a book which is open to innumerable interpretations. And a bit later our proof in literary theory gave us this lecture on Saussure’s theory, where he speaks about the Iconic and the Symbolic signs (a part of semiotics) and according to this theory the Iconic sign is restricted where as the Symbolic is free of any restrictions. Isn’t it wonderful to see in theory what you have just said?

Ok more importantly I saw the movie, its amazing to the point where Iconic and symbolic meet, this is when Harry and Lord Voldemort point there wands at each other. Ok  I won’t talk about this movie in this shared space where I began by talking something else, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise and more importantly this friend of mine would perhaps not like my dividing attention. isn’t it P?


myriadmind said...

i didnt quite get the last para
could u simplify ?

wasted said...

No I simply meant that the last scene where Harry's and Voldemort's wands meet. The description that Rowling gives is so elaborate in itself that the reader in reading it is restricted while imagining it, its so damn vivid in other words, and in the movie obviously the scene we get it already there in our minds, and so I said the Iconic(the film) and the Symbolic(the book)meet.
I hope thats enough..

wanda1234 said...

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