Tuesday, November 08, 2005

don't know what to call it!

it's a wonderfull sense of belonging I get, when I write something and my brother reads it. I think i should'nt address him as my brother any more, its been long and I guess I have matured enough to stop trying to deny the fact that he is not just that but much much more. ok let me actually dare to say something more accurate. I guess he will be the person whom from whom i learn't what everything in this big world is about.
ok switch to something i want to write...

so ...yah! I wanted to like deceide as to what my blog would be like. It's sure it will be a place for me to write something creative and just kind of a 'diary'. Simple because in this place I hardly get any creative output. And more simply because this character I have mentioned above wants me to write good, and any time i write i have this shadow of his lurking, as if correcting me, asking me to put a comma here, a better word there. So i here by proclaim that all my writings are just destinied for this one reader...

hey Big B don't you think thats true?

something really silly in between, i have this really short hair-cut, makes me look like a guy, more importantly makes me look the way I looked as a kid, with all that Half-pant and my very silly cute shirts.


Siddharth said...

Its inevitable.
My reading you can never get rid off this "Correction" syndrome.

And before I start anything let me remind you that your blog template has some serious functional problems. Its background makes the letters less legible.
dont you think?

So better change that .

Tomorrow I will give you a begining..too tired today...had been for a night out to Belpahar Jungles last night...me Balu and mukesh

Siddharth said...

Learning is endless

wanda1234 said...

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