Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Trouble of learning English i your post grad.

All these days when I wrote, I had this feeling that kept cming back"girl something is seriously wrong with your writings, then don't read like before."
Today I discovered what was wrong, shamefully I admit even I have managed to learn the hollow jargons of academics, words which which I listened so often inside and outside buildings of academicia(I know thats not a word, nonetheless I use it). I realized it after reading this foolishly complex blogs of one of my fellow students in this university.
I hate my writings today, they so much lack in passion and I can see only my readings reflecting through them and not my thoughts... but am I to blame?
So here goes a plea to everyone who wants to write do not learn English at your post graduate leve, itonly makes it filthy.

I want to write the way I used to please!


uglygirl said...

good realisation.
i felt it from day 1."lack in passion and I can see only my readings reflecting through them and not my thought"

wasted said...

Didn't get it. you talking about my writings or yours?

Siddharth said...

Such realisations are a part of the game.

You dont lack passion. As far as I know, writing has patches of time.
some are good and the others bad.

The best thing to do in a bad patch is read Marquez.
He is singularly responsible in lifting the clouds from me.

And if I try to be clinical(in my own sense)I find your language has improved over the years.

Once I commented in some one of your posts, do not lack in experience.
I would repeat it, because I apprehend it could very much happen to you or anybody in an urban setup.

The difference between Urban India and rural India is like the difference between Europe and Ltin America.

My preaching can go endless, let me post this much before the net crashes

serendipiduous said...

u think ur rhetoric now reflects what u have read and not what u feel...but dont u think that this realisation means that now u have internalised what u have learnt and now feel what u read...

wasted said...

yah true but then it is so bugging at times, because now even when I try to write something very fictional which just requires writing good, all these big words, of which I hardly seem to use any, still as if wait for me to start writing and stummble across the blank page, and the result being disoriented writings, and I feel so inadequate then.
Simply dying to write something good.

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