Monday, March 22, 2010


Earlier in company of some of my friends, I used to shop a lot. Sometimes, way more than what I needed to. But it felt good, to hang out with friends while they or I bought stuff. Busy life never gave time otherwise, I suppose. I always get bored &/or tired of shopping within half an hour of entering a shop/mall. I think I just get bogged down by the neatly stacked rows of soothing cotton, dead & shiny synthetic, skimpy lingerie, pastel lotions, & hard & soft footwear. I would wear out after seeing five of any of these. That was my limit. My friends knew that & would sometimes tease me & sometimes indulge my boredom by hurrying through their purchase. I on the other-hand almost always did not feel comfortable buying stuff in groups. With my low tolerance, I was also a lone-shopper (if that is a word). I shopped better & quicker when alone. I hated & even today perhaps hate company when I really want to buy stuff. In a month, atleast twice, I would inadvertently trace my steps back to the crowded malls.

But all that was sometime back. Today, I just do not need to shop or buy stuff. I have perhaps not gone without buying clothes for this long ever. I like it this way. I have enough to wear & manage to look alright. I have unknowingly resolved to not buying things until & unless I really need them. But I know this too that I am allowed to slack in the decision now & then, when I just feel like. Afterall, it is not like one of those promises that cannot be broken. But I like it - not going to shopping malls. They used to make me feel tired & weary. Now, when I do go to one, I don't buy stuff mindlessly, I usually go there when I know, what I need to buy. Perhaps, I have become more like my brother in this regard. He literally window shops. If he likes something that is hung on the display, he buys, otherwise he does not.

Funny, how habits change, isn't it?


Potato said...

u hated shopping them, u hate shopping now....what's the change?

wasted said...

earlier, I would still go to shopping malls twice or thrice every month. but now I haven't been to one in ages

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