Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr. Meister & The Gay Lord....What More to Say

On the Meister's request, changing Mia Meister to Mr. I do not want Meister to have images of dirty men in dirty loongis spitting pan everywhere

Mr. Meister :The Gay Lord is theorising that i am gay
Wasted :how? ping me his theory
The Gay Lord : tui staright nosh (You are not striaght)

Mr. Meister : eh?

The Gay Lord : tui eng hons keno korchilish ? (Why did you do eng honours)
str8 men study engineering, science, medicine

Mr. Meister : i love the language and writing is one thing i know i can do

The Gay Lord  : commerce

Mr. Meister : and to pick up chicks

The Gay Lord : not engriji

Mr. Meister : English has the best looking chicks

The Gay Lord : so wat
u r gay


Potato said...

I hate that name

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@Vrida - don't be...