Saturday, September 23, 2006

To one of those poets whom I ve never had the chance to read

This one is to Joy Goswami, I hope I am spelling his name correctly. I chanced to hear a few of his poems some time back, and fell in love with him even before he finished reading his first poem.
To the few who do not who he is, he is a bangla poet and that is all that I know of him. The best thing is he accidently happened in my life, as out of sheer boredom I agreed to accompany my friends to Ravindra Bhavan and came to find out that it was a kind of a 'Goshthi'. To cut the not so important things I will only write one of most beautiful lines I have ever come across,
"megh balika bhisti hoye ge che.."
which when crudly translated will read something like this,
"the young daughter of clouds has grown up to be fine and beautiful rain..."
I know many Bengalis will object to this translation, but thats how I think it meant.

P.S have been wanting to read more by the same author but not able to get hold of his writings, if anyone can please get it for me. What Hopes I have :)


Time Killer said...


wasted said...

who is this by the way? somehow the name soudns familiar

myriadmind said...

hope i have answered your desire

wasted said...

:) love you baby! when you gave me these books I had assumed that you have read this post. But it all the more surprising that you hadn't and you still got them.

wanda1234 said...

thanks for sharing....

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