Tuesday, August 28, 2007

...Life, Death and Pain

It's not the right time
It's not the time in which one lives
but fear does
Fear about life, death and pain

I do not fear, says the little girl
perhaps she does not know
what life can teach you
just like death teaches you to be brave

It's not heaven that I am hopeful for
the moments spent in tears and prayers
are not for any one god
they just are moments of silence
where I think about well being
of a self, a family and the universe

Perhaps prayers about the universe
fades and is feeble
and so bodies die in pain
souls splatter
like grains on a marble floor

I do not fear says, the little girl
perhaps she knows about life deep within
she is ready to splatter her soul
into infinite pieces
at-least if it answers the prayers of one

The frozen masses join the dance
a wild frenzy of splattered souls
plastered in red
sometimes, I lose the color
and the vision gets blurred
anyways its going to be heads, toes and faces
I know, so I let the focus go
blurred visions of the dead, the living
the brave and the unknown
a brother reckons the loss
a mother is broken
a sister listlessly consoles her own grief
a father prepares for the rituals
a pyre is formed
of life, death and pain...


Chandan said...


why is that i see a lot of lines about Death, pain in the blog?

wasted said...

coz thats what I always write about

Siddharth said...

this piece doesnt go well

Anonymous said...

nice one..ummm.. i shud say..

mukhtar said...

Life teaches us a lot of things sometimes about the light or the darkness, but still thinking positively helps us reach our goals faster. "Be serious with life, but not serious in life"

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Rohit Tripathi said...

I really like the way you right things and I never get bored reading them.....

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wasted said...

Thanks, Rohit!

wasted said...

@siddharth - infact, I think it goes really well. for once we differ in what we say

wanda1234 said...

thanks for sharing....

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